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Best Price Guarantee on h-hotels.com

Our Best Price Guarantee and exclusive offers are only available through h-hotels.com

Visit www.h-hotels.com for all the best offers and lowest rates on our hotels – guaranteed!

However, should you find a lower rate for the same room on another portal within 24 hours of booking through our website www.h-hotels.com, please email us at bestpreis@ramada.de. We will then match the lower rate and give you a free meal voucher (worth €10) for use during your stay.

Please note that this offer does not include booking offers which are no longer available or specially-negotiated rates. We are also unable to accept email claims containing incomplete information.


The Best Price Guarantee only applies to reservations made online. It does not include discounted corporate or bonus group rates, voucher or competition promotions, bookings made via internet auctions or bookings in which the exact hotel is unknown prior to making the reservation.


  • the same arrival and departure dates
  • the same meal arrangements
  • the same room category
  • an up-to-date price comparison
  • the same cancellation conditions
  • the same payment terms
  • the same information about currency and taxes

How it works

Please email the following information to: bestpreis@ramada.de

  • your RAMADA booking number
  • the web address of the cheaper offer
  • screenshots of the cheaper offer


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