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Peace, quiet and ample comfort

The barrier-free RAMADA Landhotel Nürnberg is a 3-star superior hotel approximately 10 kilometres south-east of Nuremberg. It offers a choice of 70 rooms. The hotel’s restaurant, bar, and beer garden take care of your catering needs, while the sauna offers relaxation. In addition, there are also 4 flexible meeting rooms.

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All rooms with WiFi and Sky TV

The RAMADA Landhotel Nürnberg offers 70 Comfort and Superior rooms, two of which are also suitable for families. They are decorated in contemporary English farmhouse style and have anti-allergy flooring. The hotel features both smoking and non-smoking rooms. WiFi Internet access and Sky TV are included at no extra cost, and extra beds are available on request.


Rural location yet well-connected

The RAMADA Landhotel Nürnberg is located on the edge of a forest approximately 10 kilometres south-east of Nuremberg. The main train station and city centre are approximately 25 minutes away by S-Bahn, while the trade fair centre is around 20 minutes away. When arriving by car, the hotel is easily accessed via the A6 or the A9, and on-site parking is provided.

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Pleasant location and friendly service

The RAMADA Landhotel Nürnberg is a “pretty country-style hotel with a certain flair”. The “excellent breakfast” and “welcoming garden” are praised by guests, as are the “very nice” and “friendly” staff. The “peaceful, green surroundings” are also very popular, with guests rating the hotel as “highly recommended”.

Stay 2 Nights & Save -Nuernberg includes breakfast
3 days in Nürnberg

Stay 2 Nights & Save - including breakfast buffet - our special deal for you in Nuernberg.

  • RAMADA Landhotel Nürnberg
  • 2 nights including a varied breakfast buffet 
  • bookable from 1 person
Best price guaranteed
38.21 €
Price per person & night
Stay 3 Nights & Save - Nuernberg includes breakfast
4 days in Nürnberg

Stay 3 Nights & Save - including breakfast buffet - our special deal for you in Nuernberg.

  • RAMADA Landhotel Nürnberg
  • 3 nights including a varied breakfast buffet 
  • bookable from 1 person
Best price guaranteed
35.96 €
Price per person & night

Nuremberg Castle – impressive fortifications

The oldest parts of Nuremberg Castle (Nürnberger Burg) date back to around the year 1000. It is considered one of the most important fortifications in Europe, and offers broad views over the old town. It is also worth taking a tour of the rocky paths below. It is approximately 25 minutes’ drive from the RAMADA Landhotel Nürnberg.

Albrecht Dürer’s house – home and painter’s studio

Albrecht Dürer’s house dates back to the 15th century. Although this half-timbered sandstone house has changed hands more than 20 times over the years, it remains known as the “Dürerhaus”. In addition to a multivision show, visitors can see faithfully reproduced living spaces and a painter’s studio. It is approximately 35 minutes by bus and U-Bahn from the RAMADA Landhotel Nürnberg.

Schöner Brunnen – an image of medieval society

The “Schöner Brunnen” fountain on Hauptmarkt is 19 metres high and takes the form of a Gothic church spire. The forty figures adorning the fountain are drawn from the worlds of academia, religion, and secular power, and represent the world view of the Holy Roman Empire. It is approximately half an hour by bus and U-Bahn from the RAMADA Landhotel Nürnberg.

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Nuremberg Zoo – dolphin show and nature reserve

Nuremberg Zoo (Tiergarten Nürnberg) is one of Europe’s largest landscaped zoos. It is characterised by its natural enclosures, and impresses with facilities including an aqua park and a tropical house. Another special feature is the dolphinarium with saltwater lagoon. It is approximately 20 minutes’ drive from the RAMADA Landhotel Nürnberg.

Sebald’s Church – magnificent interior

St. Sebald’s Church, known locally as the Sebalduskirche, was built in the 13th century as a pillared basilica. The building is characterised by Romanesque and Gothic elements. Inside, numerous pre-Reformation works of art are on display. Particularly significant is the tomb of St. Sebald. It is approximately half an hour by bus and U-Bahn from the RAMADA Landhotel Nürnberg.

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