Enjoy conferences and celebrations with views of the Thuringian Forest

The AHORN Panorama Hotel Oberhof (former Treff Hotel Panorama Oberhof) has a spacious conference centre which includes 17 bright meeting rooms, an event hall and a foyer. The foyer is equally suitable for receptions or exhibitions, and is vehicle-accessible. In addition, there is a Sky Lounge on the eleventh floor – a suite with a work area and interconnected meeting room with views of the Thuringian Forest. The “Rondell Bar” can be reserved for more informal events. Equipped with a small stage, a dance floor, cosy seating areas, and a terrace, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a convivial evening.

Central conference service:

Freecall: 00800 4263 2780
Email: [email protected]
Light meeting rooms at the AHORN Panorama Hotel Oberhof - Official website

Light meeting rooms

All rooms are equipped with the latest conference technology, WiFi Internet access, and multi-functional dividing walls. WiFi Internet access is available, and writing materials are provided.

A range of typical Thuringian dishes and international options are offered to ensure the physical well-being of your guests. As a change to the usual programme, why not let your guests into the secrets of Thuringian cuisine, and give them the chance to make Thuringian “Klöße”, or dumplings, together. Other team workshops are also available. Take part in a “Team Olympics”, for example, or build soapbox racers or sledges together.

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