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Explore Dusseldorf with the H2 Hotel Düsseldorf Sestern - Official website
H2 Hotel Düsseldorf Seestern

Opening in autumn 2020

Modern design for those on a small budget

In autumn 2020 the new H2 Hotel Düsseldorf Seestern will open its doors. The design-oriented budget hotel in the capital of North Rhine-Westphalia offers 301 modern guest rooms. Of these, 67 rooms are quadruple rooms, suitable for families or friends travelling together, looking for cheap accommodation in Düsseldorf.

Close to the trade fair and into the city

The new H2 Hotel Düsseldorf Seestern is located in the business district of Am Seestern. You can reach the Düsseldorf trade fair, the airport and the motorway quickly from the district via the B 7. The tram also travels to and from Am Seestern and takes you to the old town in a short time. It is only a few minutes’ walk to the Rhine.

» Location & Surroundings
Skyline of Düsseldorf - H2 Hotel Düsseldorf Seestern - Official website

Discover Düsseldorf

Old town – first a stroll, then an “Altbier”

The Düsseldorf old town is well-known for its lively alleys with shops and historical buildings such as the “St. Lambertus” chuch or the “Schlossturm”. It is also famous as “the longest bar in the world”, where around 250 pubs, restaurants and breweries serve their guests until late into the evening. Travelling here from the H2 Hotel Düsseldorf Seestern takes about 15 minutes with the U77.

“Königsallee” – shopping and strolling in style

The “Königsallee” is one of the most famous shopping streets in Germany. Famous for its luxury shops, the "Kö" is also interesting from an urban planning point of view: magnificent houses flank the moat. The complex also includes specially designed lanterns, railings, clocks, kiosks and telephone booths. Travelling here from the H2 Hotel Düsseldorf Seestern takes less than 15 minutes with the U77.

» Attractions

Rhine embankment promenade – a break on the Rhine

The promenade along the banks of the Rhine at the old town is ideal for a break with a view over the river or a walk. Cafés provide an inviting location for refreshments and ships for excursions. At the southern end of the promenade, behind the state parliament building rises the 240 meter high “Rheinturm” with a restaurant and viewing platform. Travelling here from the H2 Hotel Düsseldorf Seestern takes 12 minutes by bus.

Medienhafen - H2 Hotel Düsseldorf Seestern - Official website

“MedienHafen” – look, marvel, go out

The “MedienHafen” in the former port area impresses with modern building complexes from the culture and media industry. The successful mixture of old harbour buildings and modern buildings such as the Gehry buildings adds to the charm of the district. In the evening, trendy bars, clubs and discos present tempting locations. Travelling here from the H2 Hotel Düsseldorf Seestern takes around 15 minutes by car.

“Schloss Benrath” – magnificent complex with parks

The most famous of the Düsseldorf castles is “Schloss Benrath”. Built in the 18th century as an electoral pleasure palace, it is a popular excursion destination with its extensive gardens. Among others, the Museum of European Garden Art and the Museum of Natural History are housed here. Travelling here from the H2 Hotel Düsseldorf Seestern takes 45 minutes by tram or 25 minutes by car.

» Attractions

Holidays in Düsseldorf, we look forward to meeting you!

H2 Hotel Düsseldorf Seestern

Emanuel-Leutze-Straße 4
40547 Düsseldorf, Deutschland

: 00800 87 333 737
: +49 (0)30 130066

: [email protected]

Family-friendly hotel - H2 Hotel Düsseldorf Seestern - Official website

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