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Lobby of the Hyperion Hotel Dresden - Official website
HYPERION Hotel Dresden am Schloss

with a best-price guarantee

Feel at home in an exclusive location

The Hyperion Hotel Dresden am Schloss (former Swissôtel Dresden am Schloss) is located in the heart of Dresden's old city in close proximity to the castle and the “Frauenkirche”. 235 modern rooms, fine-dining restaurants and bars, attractive conference facilities and an exclusive spa are hidden behind the historic-looking façade. There is also an underground car park available.

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Comfort and style in all categories

The 235 double rooms and suites in the Hyperion Hotel Dresden am Schloss, some of which offer views of the Castle or "Frauenkirche", are decorated with elegance and comfort. The open bathrooms are fitted with a shower and, depending on the category, a bath too. Family rooms with connecting doors and children facilities are also available. Two rooms are equipped for the disabled.

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Dresden’s highlights right in front of your door

The Hyperion Hotel Dresden am Schloss (former Swissôtel Dresden am Schloss) is located in the heart of the old city. Dresden Castle and Dresden Cathedral, the “Zwinger”, the “Frauenkirche” and the Semper Opera House are in the immediate vicinity so you can discover the cultural city yourself on foot. You can reach the hotel in 10 minutes by taxi from the train station, and your car can be kept safely in the underground car park.

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Overall review by hotel guests of the Hyperion Hotel Dresden am Schloss

Our Customer Satisfaction Index for HYPERION Hotel Dresden am Schloss

Based on 12124 ratings out of 17 portals

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Overall review by hotel guests - Hyperion Hotel Dresden - official website
Explore Dresden - Hyperion Hotel Dresden am Schloss - Official website

Explore Dresden with the Hyperion Hotel Dresden am Schloss

Inside one of the hotel room at the Hyperion Hotel Dresden am Schloss - Official website

“Friendly and knowledgeable”

The exceptional location which is “perfect for all city travellers” is particularly emphasised in the reviews of the Hyperion Hotel Dresden am Schloss (former Swissôtel Dresden am Schloss). Further advantages include the "friendly and knowledgeable reception”, the "unobtrusive" service and the "lovely decoration” of the spacious rooms. The breakfast buffet and the spa area also received praise. See for yourself!

The "Frauenkirche" as a symbol of reconciliation

Since its reconstruction, the Dresden’s Baroque “Frauenkirche” has become the symbol of the city and is very impressive with its giant stone dome. In GDR, the ruins of the church destroyed by bombs were a memorial against the war. The building, which was reconstructed after the reunification of Germany, has become the symbol of reconciliation. It is less than a five-minute walk from the Hyperion Hotel Dresden am Schloss.

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The “Zwinger” as an expression of Baroque splendour

The Dresden “Zwinger” is a Baroque festival area erected by Elector Augustus the Strong with rich galleries, pavilions, an orangery and garden. The “Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister” is today located in the Semper Gallery. More exhibitions in the “Zwinger” include the “Mathematisch-Physikalischer Salon” and the Dresden Porcelain Collection. It is a five-minute walk to the “Zwinger” from the Hyperion Hotel Dresden am Schloss.

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Cultural highlights in the Semper Opera House

The impressive building of the Semper Opera House draws on the architect Gottfried Semper, who designed the first opera house in 1841 and the current one in 1878. The building was heavily damaged in the Second World War and was rebuilt according to Semper's plans. Walk the 200 meters from Hyperion Hotel Dresden am Schloss (former Swissôtel Dresden am Schloss) and enjoy a show or take part in a guided tour!

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Brühl's Terrace Dresden - Hyperion Hotel Dresden - Official website

Boat trip from Brühl's Terrace

Brühl's terrace arose in the 16th century as part of the fortifications on the banks of the Elbe. The magnificent buildings built there later made it to the promenade. This is also where the steamers start when cruising the Elbe where you will pass the "Blue Wonder", steep vineyards and the “Elbschlösser”. It is less than a five-minute walk from the Hyperion Hotel Dresden am Schloss.

Princely treasure house in the “Grünes Gewölbe”

The “Grünes Gewölbe” in Dresden Castle shows the treasure house of the Wettin princes. The historical part, for which there is only a limited number of tickets, includes around 3,000 exhibits that are displayed on magnificent tables in the historic vault. The new part presents works of court sculptors and goldsmiths in modern halls. The castle is located directly opposite the Hyperion Hotel Dresden am Schloss.

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Holidays in Dresden, we look forward to meeting you!

HYPERION Hotel Dresden am Schloss

Schlossstrasse 16
01067 Dresden, DE

phone: +49 351 501200
fax: +49 351 50120555

mail: [email protected]

Old town Dresden - Hyperion Hotel Dresden - Official website

Restaurant at the Hyperion Hotel Dresden - Official website

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