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H2 Hotel Mainz

Opening in 2020

Modern, design-focused and budget-friendly

In the modern district around Mainz's customs port, the H2 Hotel Mainz is a budget-friendly design hotel. As of the end of 2020, 200 comfortable guest rooms will be available here. The heart of the hotel is the 24-hour meeting point with a refreshment area and an open-facing kitchen. This accommodation is conveniently located within Mainz and features 50 four-bed rooms, meeting all the requirements of a family hotel.

Centrally located in the former Rhine harbour

The newly designed Mainz customs port in the area surrounding the H2 Hotel Mainz perfectly combines modern living, working and leisure facilities. The accommodation has a convenient connection to the A 643 motorway - for example, a guided tour of the ZDF-Fernsehgarten is only 15 minutes away. The Christuskirche or the Landesmuseum in the old town can also be reached on foot in 15 to 20 minutes.

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The Iron Tower - Art exhibitions in the watchtower

On the banks of the Rhine in the city centre stands the Iron Tower, one of the three remaining medieval city towers of Mainz. Having once been a part of the city fortifications, a watchtower, a city gate and a prison, it now serves as an exhibition venue and a residency for artists' initiatives. From the H2 Hotel Mainz you can be there in seven minutes by car or 25 minutes on foot.

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Augustinerstraße – A shopping street with a long tradition

The Augustinerstraße and its side streets in the old town invite you to take a leisurely stroll through its shops. The half-timbered houses, sandstone buildings and the partly cast iron design of the ground floor levels are still reminiscent of the medieval townscape as you walk through the streets. From the H2 Hotel Mainz you need about half an hour on foot, or about ten minutes by car.

Mainz Cathedral – An impressive landmark

The Romanesque St. Martin’s Cathedral in Mainz is regarded as the city's landmark and is an impressive sight as one of the three imperial cathedrals on the Rhine, with a history dating back to the year 975. Found in the cloister and chapter buildings, the Cathedral and Diocesan Museum displays works of art from across  a two thousand-year period. It takes about eight minutes by car from the H2 Hotel Mainz.

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St. Stephan near the H2 Hotel Mainz - Official website

St. Stephan Parish Church - Chagall windows worth seeing

The parish church of St. Stephan is considered the oldest Gothic hall church on the Middle Rhine. It is particularly notably on account of its modern windows, which were designed in 1978 by the artist Marc Chagall. The stained glass windows shine in different shades of blue and are intended to set an example of Judeo-Christian solidarity. Approximately 30 minutes on foot or 15 minutes by car from the H2 Hotel Mainz.

Gutenberg Museum – The history of printing

The Gutenberg Museum is dedicated to Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of book printing, and presents his work in a reconstructed workshop. The most important exhibits are two original Gutenberg Bibles. The art of writing and printing from other cultures is another area of interest to the museum. The journey from the H2 Hotel Mainz by car takes about eight minutes, the walk 30 minutes.

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H2 Hotel Mainz

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