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The new H2 Hotel Mainz in the capital of Rhineland-Palatinate is expected to open at the end of 2020. The completely redesigned area of the former Mainz inland port offers a wide range of space for modern living, working, dining, shopping and art all around the harbour basin on the Rhine. Found in the centre of the modern Mainzer Zollhafen district, the H2 Hotel Mainz is the ideal address for enjoying the relaxed atmosphere of a big city.

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Mainzer Altstadt

The proximity to the old town (located within walking distance) and the convenient connection of your Mainz accommodation to the A 643 are two further advantages: Anyone wishing to take a guided tour of the ZDF-Fernsehgarten can reach the broadcasting centre by car within 15 minutes. Simply set off from your family hotel and discover the sights of Mainz.

St. Martin's Cathedral in Mainz is the city's landmark and the most impressive building in the city centre.The Romanesque pillar basilica began construction in 975, and it is known as one of the Rhine's three imperial cathedrals, together with the cathedrals of Worms and Speyer. Three fires led to the initial building being extended and supplemented with late Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque elements. Worth seeing are the tombs of the archbishops and the Romanesque St. Gotthard chapel. The late Gothic cloister is a highlight. The cloister and the adjacent chapter buildings today house the Cathedral and Diocesan Museum, in which works of art from across two thousand years of history can be admired. From the H2 Hotel Mainz it takes about eight minutes by car to get there.

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St. Martin's Cathedral in Mainz

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Iron Tower at the banks of the Rhine

The Iron Tower near the banks of the Rhine is one of the three remaining medieval city towers, along with the Wood Tower and the Alexander Tower. Built in the early 13th century and expanded in the 15th century, it took its name from the nearby iron market, which lasted until the 19th century. As part of the city wall, the tower served as a watchtower and city gate. In later times it was used as a prison. Damaged during the Second World War, the building was reconstructed and today houses various artists' initiatives and associations. Art exhibitions take place regularly. The route from H2 Hotel Mainz takes about seven minutes by car or 25 minutes on foot.

Augustinerstraße is a popular shopping street with a long tradition and houses which are worth the visit. The path taken by the street and the side passages are still reminiscent of the medieval townscape. In addition to the half-timbered houses, the area is characterised by businesses housed in buildings featuring red sandstone arches or cast iron designs on the ground floor. The narrow two-axle half-timbered buildings such as house number 11 or 17 date from the 17th century, putting them amongst the oldest preserved houses in the city. Travel from the H2 Hotel Mainz to the streets of the old town around Augustinerstraße takes about half an hour on foot, or just under ten minutes by car.

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Discover the old town of Mainz

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Inner courtyard of the parish church of St. Stephan

The oldest Gothic hall church on the Middle Rhine, the Catholic parish church of St. Stephan is one of the most important churches in Mainz. Founded in 990 by Archbishop Willigis, its successor building, which was completed in around 1340, still exists today. The biggest attraction of St. Stephan's church are the unique glass windows shining in different shades of blue, which were designed by the artist Marc Chagall. As a sign of Judeo-Christian solidarity, the artist designed the windows in 1978 and carried out the black stain painting himself until his death in 1985. One of the most famous biblical scenes depicted here is the temptation of Adam and Eve. A good half an hour on foot or a quarter of an hour by car is all you need to get here from the H2 Hotel Mainz.

The Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, one of the oldest museums dedicated to the art of printing and writing across the world, can trace its foundation back to 1900, the 500th birthday of Johannes Gutenberg. The exhibition pays much attention to the inventor of letterpress printing using moulded, movable letters and a printing press. The prize exhibits of the museum are two original editions of the Gutenberg Bible, the first book ever printed in this way. The work of the printer is vividly reproduced in the reconstructed Gutenberg workshop. In addition, the museum also takes the writing and printing traditions of other cultures into consideration. You can expect travel from the H2 Hotel Mainz to the museum to take about eight minutes by car or 30 minutes on foot.

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Admire exhibits in the Gutenberg Museum