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Prinzipalmarkt in Münster |

At the centre of the Westphalian city of Münster is the Old Town around the Cathedral Square and the Prinzipalmarkt, with arcades and gabled houses. Experience the high points of a guided tour through the historic Münster city centre, also offered as a two-wheeled option in this town of cycling enthusiasts.

The most famous event in the history of Münster is the agreeing of the Peace of Westphalia in 1648, ending the 30-Years War. The Friedenssaal, or “Hall of Peace” in the Historic Town Hall bears witness to this. The so-called promenade is an attraction, green space and cycling path all in one, circling the historic city centre on a four and a half kilometre road. The ring road, lined by lime trees, also the location of the Buddenturm tower and Outer Wall, are built on the site of the old city fortifications, and motor vehicles are prohibited.

Combine your stay in Münster with a short shopping excursion, browsing in exclusive boutiques around the Prinzipalmarkt and many other shops in the Münster arcades, Salzstraße or the Hansecarré shopping mall in Stubengasse.

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H.ostel Münster

Located on Marienplatz in the heart of the old town, our hostel in Münster is the perfect accommodation for price-conscious travellers and holidaymakers. Our budget-friendly rooms for two to eight people are ideal for families and groups of friends. The sights of Münster, as well as shopping facilities, restaurants and cafés, are within easy walking distance.

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A cultural stronghold, a city of bicycles and students and an episcopal see – that’s Münster, a city full of history, with something for young and old alike. Münster has lots of culinary treats to offer too, with 900 restaurants, pubs and bars to linger in. Our hotel, centrally located in the Old Town right next to the pedestrian zone, has 140 modern, comfortable bedrooms. Start your day in Münster with our extensive breakfast buffet; in fine weather you can enjoy it on the sun terrace looking out over beautiful Münster.

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The most popular attractions in Münster

The Prince-Archbishop´s Castle, integrated into the promenade in the western part of the Old Town, is now home to the Westphalian Wilhelms-University Münster. The castle garden is outstanding, designed in a star shape, together with the Botanical Garden. The Castle square facing the town, plays host to the “Send” three times yearly - a popular folk festival hosting around 250 fairground shops, their stands and attractions.

It´s easy to see why, due to the huge number of churches on the skyline, Münster is known as the “Rome of the North”. The St. Paulus Cathedral and the Lamberti Church are the two most important churches in the town. The Cathedral was built in the 13. century, its green copper roofs are visible from a far distance.

Botanical garden - - Official Website

Botanical Garden

Lamberti Church at the Prinzipalmarkt - - Official Website

Lamberti Church at the Prinzipalmarkt

The Lamberti Church was erected by merchants as an “anti-church”, recognisable by the baskets on its towers in which the “rechristeners” were hung up after their execution as a deterrent and which are still there - after having been restored. Other important sacred buildings are the St. Martini Church, constructed in the 12. century, the Apostle Church, which was the first gothic and oldest Evangelical church in Münster, the St. Petri brick church from the Renaissance period, or the St. Ludgeri Capuchin church built by Conrad Schlaun. 

The Old Town is also home to the gothic Liebfrauen-Überwasser Church, the baroque Clemens Church, the Dominican Church and St. Servatii - to name just a few holy buildings worth viewing on a walk round the city.

Art aficionados will already know the Pablo Picasso Art Museum in Münster, showing mainly lithographies and works from his different creative periods.  The LWL Museum exhibits works of art from the Middle Ages onwards. This collection focusses on August Macke, the expressionist painter, and the “Blue Rider” group of artists. The Mühlenhof open-air museum near the Münster Zoo, open in all weathers, is a fascinating place, of interest to families and other groups too. 

A huge range of facts can be learned about four centuries of Westphalian life in more than 30 historic buildings. The Museum of Lacquer Art shows sophisticated crafted items from an unparalleled selection of 1,000 objects collected in East Asia, Europe and the Islamic World.

Admire works of art in the Münster Pablo Picasso exhibition - - Official Website

Admire works of art in the Münster Pablo Picasso exhibition

Things to do in and around Münster - - Official Website
Castle Nordkirchen

Things to do in and around Münster

The centally located Aasee lake is ideal for a trip into the countryside. Enjoy a nice walk, jog or go round the lake on a pedal boat, perhaps taking in the “Pier” sculpture designed by Jorge Pardo. The Münster region has a large number of fortresses and castles. The “100 Castle Road” links up many of them, and they are accessible by bicycle too. Hülshoff Castle and its lovely park grounds are a worthwhile destination. A guide will take you around the house where the poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff´s parents once lived. 

The baroque Nordkirchen Water Castle, around 25 km outside Münster, is Westphalia´s most important baroque residence, and is often called the “Westphalian Versailles.” Vischering Castle near Lüdinghausen is also surrounded by water, and is one of the Münster region´s oldest and best preserved castle complexes.

End your day in Münster in a really special way by visiting the Stadt Theater, the GOP Varieté or the Wolfgang-Borchert-Theater at the City Harbour Kreativkai. Spend a pleasant evening in a bar or café in the popular Kuhviertel district.

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