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Central, modern and budget friendlc - H.ostel Münster - Official website

Central, modern and budget friendly

With its modern design and attractive prices, the new H.ostel Münster is targeting young people, families and groups. The central location is ideal for exploring the city on foot or by bike. The in-house meeting place is the open lounge, where you will also find the reception. You can either stay in a private room with bathroom or in one of the group rooms, where single beds can also be booked.

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Walking distance of all the sights - H.ostel Münster - Official website

Within walking distance of all the sights

The H.ostel Münster is located in the green Marienplatz in the little frequented Ludgeristraße in the south of the old town. The Ludgerikirche stands directly opposite in all its glory. Only about a hundred metres further south you will find the green promenade which is reserved for cyclists and pedestrians. The H.ostel Münster is less than a ten-minute walk from the train station.

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Cathedral and Lambertikirche - H.ostel Münster - Official website

Eternal competition: Cathedral and Lambertikirche

The most important churches in Münster are St.-Paulus-Dom and the Lambertikirche which was built by merchants as a "counter church". The Romanesque Gothic cathedral dates back to the 13th century and attracts visitors with its cathedral treasure, among other things. The weekly market at Domplatz is well worth a visit. The H.ostel Münster is about a seven-minute walk from here.

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Sankt Paulus Dom - H.ostel Münster - Official website

Explore Münster

Prinzipalmarkt in Münster - H.ostel Münster - Official website

Living history: Prinzipalmarkt and the town hall

The Prinzipalmarkt with its arcades and gabled houses from the 12th century invites you to take a stroll through its pretty stores. The old town hall is also located here with its "Hall of Peace" where the Peace of Westphalia was signed in 1648. The hall is open to visitors daily and the walk to the town hall takes 5 minutes from H.ostel Münster.

Famous lithographs - H.ostel Münster - Official website

Famous lithographs: Pablo Picasso art museum

The collection of the Pablo Picasso art museum includes the lithographic work of Picasso. Lithography made it possible for Picasso to record intermediate stages of his works, so that he could create motif series of portraits, still lifes or animals, some of them over many years. The museum is less than a five minute walk from the H.ostel Münster.

Interesting change - H.ostel Münster - Official website

Interesting change: from castle to university

The Baroque Münster Castle is today the seat of the University of Münster. The castle park is used for recreation and as a meeting place. The botanical garden and the vast palace square are also part of the complex. Events such as the "Tournament of winners" or "Send" are held here. It is just a 5-minute cycle from the H.ostel Münster.

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Baroque architeckture - H.ostel Münster - Official website

Baroque architecture: Erbdrostenhof Münster

The Erbdrostenhof Münster is a noble palace in Salzstraße, which was built in the 18th century. The house is structured around a triangular courtyard and impresses with its representative design. The Baroque ballroom where events and concerts are held is impressive. The journey to here from the H.ostel Münster is around an eight-minute walk.

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H.ostel Münster

Verspoel 1
48143 Münster, DE

phone: +49 251 49093269
fax: +49 251 98110-635

mail: [email protected]

Welcome to the H.ostel Münster - Official website
Welcome to the H.ostel Münster - Official website
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