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Surprise a loved one with one of the many H-Hotels.com vouchers valid throughout Europe. Whether a lively city trip with your girl friends or a romantic weekend for two. The hotels of H-Hotels.com are located both in metropolises such as Hamburg, Munich or Berlin, but also in scenically remarkable locations that invite you to go hiking, cycling or skiing.


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From now on, the H-Hotels.com voucher shop shines in new splendour. New features, new vouchers and even more fun when giving gifts.

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Overview of the hotel vouchers


Vouchers - H-Hotels.com

Would you like to surprise someone with a voucher for a stay in an H-Hotel, but don't yet know where to go? You can't go wrong with a voucher, guaranteed. By topping up one of the universal vouchers with a specific amount, you enable the recipient to choose where to go – and how many days and nights the holiday may last. They can then redeem the voucher at any of the hotels and hostels managed by H-Hotels GmbH in Germany, Austria and Switzerland – either for overnight stays, wellness or for a delicious meal with a cool drink in the hotel's own restaurant or bar.

Many people have a guilty conscience when they give vouchers as gifts: at first glance, they often seem unimaginative and boring. It's different with the hotel vouchers from H-Hotels. Here you can choose from a variety of templates with popular sights from all over Europe. You can then personalise the voucher individually. This way you are not limited to certain pre-set amounts when creating a gift voucher. Each hotel voucher can also be personalised with a greeting message and even your own picture. This makes giving an original and modern hotel voucher really fun.

Vouchers for breakfast, restaurant or bar

Vouchers for breakfast, restaurant or bar - H-Hotels.com

In addition to the universally redeemable vouchers, you can also obtain hotel-specific vouchers from H-Hotels. This includes breakfast vouchers that allow you to fully enjoy the comprehensive breakfast buffet in the selected hotel category. But there are also vouchers for the hotel's own bars and restaurants.

Compared to standard vouchers, hotel-specific vouchers are more specific. With them, you specifically treat your counterpart to a breakfast, lunch or dinner or a few drinks during their stay in accommodation belonging to the H-Hotels Group. This type of hotel voucher is ideal for consciously pampering your partner during your holiday. But companies can also use hotel vouchers for breakfast, restaurant and bar: with them, you ensure that your employees are well looked after during a business trip.

Just like the vouchers, the hotel vouchers for breakfast, restaurant and bar can be customised. This includes a choice of different motifs, an individual dedication including a greeting message and the option of printing your own picture on the hotel voucher. This way you can adapt the hotel voucher to different occasions and always have an atmospheric gift ready.

Hotel vouchers by occasion

Hotel voucher as a birthday present

Hotel voucher as a birthday present - H-Hotels.com

Happy birthday to you – and maybe a little trip? In the course of life we learn more and more, our years of life symbolically representing this progress. Travel plays a major part in personal development: it teaches us different ways of living and shows us how big and different the world can be. By giving a travel voucher as a birthday present, you support the personal and individual development of the recipient and at the same time enable them to take valuable time out from the stress of everyday life. What more could you want for your birthday?

No matter whether you want to surprise the birthday boy or girl with a city break, give them a short trip or take them to the mountains or the coast – with a hotel voucher from H-Hotels all this is possible. The advantage of giving a voucher instead of a fully booked trip is that you do not have to clarify in advance which time periods would be suitable. Instead, just get the hotel voucher and sort out the details later. It doesn't matter whether you want to give away a trip alone, as a couple or with the whole family: the hotel vouchers from H-Hotels can be redeemed at all of the group's accommodation within Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Hotel voucher as a wedding gift

Hotel voucher as a wedding gift - H-Hotels.com

After the wedding comes the honeymoon. For more and more couples, budgets for honeymoons are limited. They are therefore pleased when their guests support them in financing their wedding holiday. After all, planning a wedding is stressful enough by now and they really deserve their time off afterwards. A hotel voucher is a wonderful way to support and give a gift to a couple who are about to get married. The best part is: by teaming up with several people, a larger amount comes together. This makes the honeymoon longer and the couple can recover from the stresses and strains of the wedding in peace and quiet.

Especially if the wedding couple does not yet have plans for their honeymoon and you do not know which trip they would like best, you are on the safe side with a hotel voucher. H-Hotels has accommodation in many major cities and popular destinations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. So has everything from the coast to the mountains in terms of different destinations. This gives the couple the choice of what kind of holiday they want: an active holiday in the mountains, enjoying the sun on the soft beaches of the North Sea and Baltic Sea or relaxing extensively in a luxurious hotel with wellness – all this is possible with a hotel voucher from H-Hotels.

Hotel voucher as a Christmas gift

Hotel voucher as a Christmas gift - H-Hotels.com

As beautiful as the Christmas season is with its festive atmosphere and lights everywhere, winter in Germany is unfortunately grey and dreary every year. What could be better for sun worshippers and summer children than the prospect of sunny days and an exciting trip under the Christmas tree? With a hotel voucher you bring light into the darkness of the winter muffle and give boundless joy. But you keep all options open for the recipient: they can decide for themselves whether the little break from everyday life is due as soon as possible or only in the spring or summer. With a hotel voucher, you also have plenty of scope when it comes to choosing your destination: from the North Sea coast to the Alps, H-Hotels offers you a wide range of destinations throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The gift recipient can choose the type of trip according to their own preferences: they can enjoy themselves in the HYPERION or H4 hotels and let themselves be fully pampered. Or they may choose an H2 or H+ hotel as the starting point for an exciting city trip or an exciting trip to discover and experience the characteristic cuisine and traditions of a particular region. With a hotel voucher, all options are open to you.

Hotel voucher as a gift for Valentine's Day

Hotel voucher as a gift for Valentine's Day - H-Hotels.com

What could be more valuable for couples than time spent together? Give your partner just that with a hotel voucher: time together for romance and togetherness. To avoid giving away the surprise before 14 February, you don't need to know any details of the planned trip yet for a hotel voucher. Instead, simply decide on a suitable design and add an individual greeting message and a picture to the hotel voucher – and the gift for Valentine's Day is ready. You can think about details like the date and the destination of your romantic trip for two later. First of all, it's important to enjoy the time together.

The best thing about a hotel voucher as a Valentine's Day gift is that you keep all your options open: together, after unwrapping it, you can either book a romantic wellness holiday, a joint city trip or a classic short holiday on the coast or in the mountains. This way, you don't have to present your partner with a ready-made decision, but can shape your time together exactly as you like. This prevents arguments on holiday and helps you come back feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Advantages of a gift voucher

Unfortunately, vouchers still have the reputation of being an uncreative and thoughtless gift. But that is not true at all. Especially because of the numerous possibilities to create an individual hotel voucher, this type of gift voucher has a strong character of its own. Not only can it be adapted to different gift-giving occasions, it is also extremely flexible as a gift: unlike a pre-booked trip, you leave it up to the recipient to find the best time to redeem it. In most cases, this means significantly less stress and more relaxed holiday planning for everyone involved.

However, it is even more important that you give your counterpart plenty of scope when choosing a destination. This allows them to think for themselves about what kind of trip and destination is right for them. Finally, preferences can change depending on life situations and environmental factors. Even adventurers long for a quiet time-out when things are turbulent in their lives at the moment, and vice versa. With a hotel voucher, the recipient doesn't have to follow old paths, but can use the gifted overnight stay and travel time exactly as they need it – could there be a more beautiful and personal gift?

How does it work with the hotel vouchers?

There are several options for redeeming your hotel voucher at participating H-Hotels accommodation. The easiest way is to book everything as normal and then show your hotel voucher at reception on arrival. The friendly staff at your accommodation will then deduct the value of the voucher from the final amount of your bill. If the amount to be paid is less than your credit balance, the rest remains on the voucher. You can check the current value online at any time by entering the voucher code.

It is also best to redeem vouchers for breakfast in an H-Hotel right at the beginning of your stay when you check in. If you do not want to have breakfast every day, be sure to specify on which day you want to redeem the voucher. Vouchers for the bars and restaurants of the H-Hotel are best redeemed directly with the waiter or waitress when you receive the bill.

Last but not least, you can also redeem your H-Hotels hotel vouchers by phone. The best way to do this is to call the number of the hotel booked or to be booked and describe your request there. Before calling, make sure you have your voucher handy so that you can give the staff member on the phone the details they need.

Can I redeem several hotel vouchers at once?

Want to collect several hotel vouchers to fulfil your dream of an extended holiday? Sure, you can do that! You can redeem as many travel vouchers as you like for each stay and use them to finance even a longer trip in an H-Hotel. However, if the value of the hotel vouchers exceeds the total bill, you will not be paid the difference. Instead, the remaining credit remains on the last voucher. This is then seed money for your next holiday. You can check how much is left on the hotel voucher either directly at the hotel or online. All you need is the voucher code.

To keep track when redeeming several travel vouchers, it is best to redeem the vouchers with the lowest amount first. This way, fewer individual vouchers remain and you have a better overview. Have the corresponding hotel vouchers disposed of immediately by the reception or do this yourself if you redeem them by telephone. This way, you don't have to painstakingly check each individual voucher again at home after your holiday to see which ones have now been fully redeemed.

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