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Meeting room Hyperion Hotel Leipzig |

The ambience of a good conferencing hotel brings real added value to meetings and conferences for the organiser and delegates!

As an organiser, meetings pose a real challenge. You need well-equipped conference rooms with the latest technology and enough bedrooms to accommodate all of your participants. By planning a meeting in one of our hotels, you guarantee both the smooth running of your event as well as appropriate accommodation in our comfortable hotel rooms.

We’ll also take care of the perfect catering for your event hosted in one of our conferencing hotels throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland, because good hospitality is essential, especially for conferences and events lasting several days. Successful catering goes far beyond merely providing drinks and snacks. Our in-hotel Gaumenfreund catering service will be happy to assist you in planning hot and cold meals. Our H-Hotels Group conferencing hotels provide these ideal conditions for your conference or meeting.

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H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg
Welcome to the H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg - Official website
H+ Hotel & SPA Friedrichroda
Welcome to the H+ Hotel & SPA Friedrichroda - Official website
H+ Hotel Bad Soden
Welcome to the H+ Hotel Bad Soden - Official website
H+ Hotel Bochum
Welcome to the H+ Hotel Bochum - Official website
H+ Hotel Erfurt
Welcome to the H+ Hotel Erfurt - Official website
H+ Hotel Frankfurt Airport West
Welcome to the H+ Hotel Frankfurt Airport West - Official website
H+ Hotel Goslar
Welcome to the H+ Hotel Goslar - Official website
H+ Hotel Hannover
Welcome to the H+ Hotel Hannover - Official website
H+ Hotel Köln Brühl
Welcome to the H+ Hotel Köln Brühl - Official website
H+ Hotel Köln Hürth
Welcome to the H+ Hotel Köln Hürth - Official website
H+ Hotel Leipzig-Halle
Welcome to the H+ Hotel Leipzig-Halle - Official website
H+ Hotel Limes Thermen Aalen
Welcome to the H+ Hotel Limes Thermen Aalen - Official website
H+ Hotel Stuttgart Herrenberg
Welcome to the H+ Hotel Stuttgart Herrenberg - Official website
H+ Hotel Wiesbaden Niedernhausen
Welcome to the H+ Hotel Wiesbaden Niedernhausen - Official website
H4 Hotel Arcadia Locarno
Welcome to the H4 Hotel Arcadia Locarno - Official website
H4 Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz
Welcome to the H4 Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz - Official website
H4 Hotel Frankfurt Messe
Welcome to the H4 Hotel Frankfurt Messe  - Official website
H4 Hotel Hamburg Bergedorf
Welcome to the H4 Hotel Hamburg Bergedorf - Official website
H4 Hotel Hannover Messe
Welcome to the H4 Hotel Hannover Messe - Official website
H4 Hotel Kassel
Welcome to the H4 Hotel Kassel - Official website
H4 Hotel Leipzig
Welcome to the H4 Hotel Leipzig - Official website
H4 Hotel Mönchengladbach im BORUSSIA-PARK
Welcome to the H4 Hotel Mönchengladbach im BORUSSIA-PARK - Official website
H4 Hotel München Messe
Welcome to the H4 Hotel München Messe - Official website
H4 Hotel Residenzschloss Bayreuth
Welcome to the H4 Hotel Residenzschloss Bayreuth - Official website
H4 Hotel Solothurn
Welcome to the H4 Hotel Solothurn - Official website
HYPERION Hotel Basel
Welcome to the Hyperion Hotel Basel  - Official website
HYPERION Hotel Berlin
Welcome to the Hyperion Hotel Berlin - Official website
HYPERION Hotel Dresden am Schloss
Welcome to the HYPERION Hotel Dresden am Schloss - Official website
HYPERION Hotel Hamburg
Welcome to the Hyperion Hotel Hamburg - Official website
HYPERION Hotel Leipzig
Welcome to the HYPERION Hotel Leipzig - Official website
HYPERION Hotel München
Welcome to the HYPERION Hotel München - Official website
Hotel Brunnenhaus Schloss Landau
Welcome to the Hotel Brunnenhaus Schloss Landau - Official website
Königshof Hotel-Resort Oberstaufen
Königshof Hotel-Resort Oberstaufen - Official website
H4 Hotel Paris Pleyel
Welcome to H4 Hotel Paris Pleyel

Find the right conferencing hotel for every event

Choose the venue that suits your event:

City centre hotels with ideal transport links to the airport or railway station – or idyllically located in the countryside to allow you perfect focus.

All of our H-Hotels Group conferencing hotels boast function rooms with free high-speed WiFi for your meetings, conferences, seminars, training courses and congresses.

Alongside their convenient locations, our hotels also offer comfortable hotel rooms where your guests can feel at home, and the opportunity to combine your event with a trade fair visit or short trip. Our Gaumenfreund catering service is an additional benefit right in the conferencing hotel.

Conference hotel  H4 Hotel Residenzschloss Bayreuth -

What makes a conferencing hotel the ideal venue?

Meeting room H+ Hotel Lübeck -

Work out what you expect from a conferencing hotel before you start your search! The best conferencing hotels offer the following:

  • Training infrastructure, tailored in advance to individual needs and delegate numbers
  • Seminar and conference rooms equipped with WiFi and (where required) LAN
  • Sufficient overnight accommodation at the conferencing hotel
  • Clean, welcoming rooms
  • Catering within the conferencing hotel
  • Adequate drinks provision and good cuisine at reasonable prices
  • Close to transport links: airport, train station or motorway
  • Weekend activities

The facilities above can be found at the conferencing hotels on our website. Whichever location you choose, we offer proven conferencing hotels worthy of your consideration and with sufficient rooms available to reserve. Start planning and reserving in good time to be on the safe side and make holding your event a stress-free experience!

We look forward to meeting you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

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