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  • Exterior view - H4 Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz

    H4 Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz

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Classic meets modern - H4 Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz

Classic meets modern

Discover the unique combination of tradition and modernity that surrounds Alexanderplatz. Our H4 Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz is located on one of Europe’s most popular squares, just a few steps from the famous Fernsehturm.

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Four stars for your stay - H4 Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz

Four stars for your stay

Depending on your needs, you have the choice of 336 comfortable rooms in a variety of categories. Enjoy relaxing moments with a feel-good guarantee.

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Harmony for body and mind - H4 Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz

Harmony for body and mind

To rest your body and refresh your mind, you can make use of the fitness room and sauna facilities in our hotels. Treat yourself to a break in the sauna after a sightseeing tour around Berlin or play some sports after a long meeting.

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Entrance of the H4 Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz - Offizielle Webseite
Explore Berlin - H4 Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz - Official website

Explore with the H4 Hotel Berlin

Hackesche Höfe in Berlin near the H4 Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz - Official website

Hackesche Höfe

Located between Alexanderplatz and the main train station are the Hackesche Höfe, a collection of picturesque buildings and dreamy courtyards that you would hardly expect to find in central Berlin.

The beautifully restored buildings now house a variety of businesses, shops, and cultural institutions, and some are even residential. This charming patchwork has become a fashionable meeting place, providing the perfect starting point for night owls as well as shoppers who prefer to avoid the mainstream.

Friedrichstadt-Palast - H4 Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz


The new Friedrichstadt-Palast opened its doors in 1984 and presents an ever-changing programme of world-renowned shows. It is not just artists who hold events here, but also politicians and dignitaries.

The Friedrichstadt-Palast has almost 2000 seats and is Europe’s largest revue theatre. The shows here are not run-of-the-mill musicals or plays, but revue performances with acrobatic and balletic elements. Although these days they come in modern guise complete with up-to-date-technology, they still have a hint of the Golden Twenties about them.

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Alexa - H4 Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz


The Alexa shopping centre is located right on Alexanderplatz, standing out thanks to its red facade.

Inside the Alexa are five floors of everything your heart desires. Six days a week, around 180 shops offer everything from fashion and technology to lifestyle goods and accessories, and naturally your physical well-being is also taken care of. It is not just the size of the Alexa that makes an impression, but also its diversity. Here, no wish remains unfulfilled.

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Charlottenburg Palace - H4 Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz

Charlottenburg Palace

Royal pomp and imperial splendour await visitors to Charlottenburg Palace, located in the heart of Berlin. The palace owes its name to the first Queen of Prussia, Sophie Charlotte, who ordered its construction at the end of the 17th century.

Later monarchs, such as Frederick the Great, further expanded and rebuilt the palace complex, with every inhabitant leaving their own personal stamp. Today, you can also admire various valuable works of art and the Hohenzollern crown jewels.

Alexanderplatz near the H4 Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz - Official website


Not only is Alexanderplatz Berlin’s most famous square, it is also the largest. It was named after the Russian Tsar Alexander’s visit to the city, and is known by locals simply as “Alex”. The square was once a major transport junction next to the Wall. Today, it is closed to traffic and invites visitors to stroll past the various shops now found here. Also, make sure to take a look at the extraordinary World Clock. And if you’re not afraid of heights, head up the Fernsehturm (TV tower) for views of Berlin from above.

East Side Gallery - H4 Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz

East Side Gallery

It sounds like an art museum, but the East Side Gallery is more than just a museum, and quite unlike any other gallery.

Stretching over 1,316 metres, it is now the longest remaining continuous piece of the Berlin Wall. When the Wall fell in 1990, more than one hundred artists set out to transform this part of it into a work of art and a memorial piece. Here in the open air, you can see an artistic take on issues surrounding the fall of the Wall and German reunification.

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H4 Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz

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10178 Berlin, DE

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Entrance of the H4 Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz - Official website

Lounge at the H4 Hotel Berlin Alexanderplatz - Official website

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