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Carbon-neutral events

Three strong sales arguments:

Cost-effective climate action: additional costs for a carbon-neutral event are marginal
Climate action needn’t be hard work: we take care of carbon neutrality
Communication: every event organiser receives a label and certificate for transparent communication

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Eco-friendly: carbon-neutral meetings
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Meetings are responsible for greenhouse gas emissions, too, because of the electricity, heating, catering and participant travel to and from the event, for example. So for every customer we document these CO2 emissions. As a climate-aware hotel, we take our responsibilities seriously, offsetting these emissions by supporting a regionally recognised climate protection project.

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Use carbon-neutral events to reinforce your own company's sustainability strategy and raise awareness of climate action among your staff and delegates – it takes little effort, and we bear the costs. You can find more information about the project here.

By choosing one of our conferencing packages, you provide €2 support per person to this regional climate protection project at no additional cost to you.

You’ll receive a personal certificate showing your CO2 emissions offset. On request, and for a small fee starting at €2 per person, we can also provide a detailed event calculation, taking into account relevant factors such as delegate journeys!

We look forward to providing you with your personal certificate.

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Five answers: How do carbon-neutral events work?

  • The CO2 emissions for an event are calculated, from travel to catering and overnight stays (where applicable)
  • Carbon-emissions offsetting via supporting an internationally recognised climate protection project
  • Certificates with individual ID numbers ensure transparency
  • Anyone interested can check out online which climate protection project is being supported and how much CO2 is being offset
  • The certificate will be printed on A3 and displayed at the event
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Participating hotels

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