From Tour Pleyel, explore Paris

Saint-Denis is a city in its own right on the northern edge of Paris. The new H4 Hotel Paris, which will open in 2023 near the Stade de France, is less than eight kilometres away from the "Île de la Cité" of Paris as the crow flies.

If travelling by car, take the A1 exit "Saint-Denis/Pleyel" onto the N410 and go under the A86 (sharp left) to Pleyel. You will see Tour Pleyel in the distance. 

Saint-Denis - H4 Hotel Paris Pleyel
Arrival by train
Gare de l'Est

Coming from the south from Paris Boulevard Périphérique, take the exit "Porte de Clignancourt",  and the D 14 will take you directly to H4 Hotel Paris after two kilometres.

If you are arriving by train at the Paris stations Gare du Nord or Gare de l'Est, it is best to take the RER D suburban train in the direction of Orry-La-Ville and get off at "Stade de France/Saint-Denis". From here, you can take a taxi to the hotel in five to seven minutes.

H4 Hotel Paris offers excellent transport connections: Tour Pleyel, one of the landmarks of Saint Denis, not only rises 140 metres into the sky, but is also only about 140 metres away from the "Carrefour Pleyel" metro station . From here, line 13 - for example - will take you to the Gare Saint Lazare station in twelve minutes or to the Invalides station in 18 minutes, where you can change trains in several directions or start your sightseeing trip on foot. 

It's well worth using public transport: not only is the metro fast, but it also allows you to avoid the tedious search for expensive parking spaces in the city of Paris.

H4 Hotel Paris Pleyel
H4 Hotel Paris Pleyel

Places of interest near the H4 Hotel Paris Pleyel

Stade de France - H4 Hotel Paris Pleyel

Stade de France

a stage for large events

Football, rugby, athletics or a top-class concert: the famous Stade de France is a venue for cultural events as well as prestigious sporting events. It holds around 80,000 visitors. Built in 1998 for the World Cup, it received IABSE's Outstanding Structure Award in 2002, an architectural award for the "most remarkable, innovative, creative or otherwise sensational structure". The Stade de France is one of the venues for the 2024 Summer Olympics. 

Visit the stadium as part of an event or simply take a guided tour to get to know this impressive arena. From H4 Hotel Paris, the Stade de France can be reached in five minutes by car.

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The Eiffel Tower - H4 Hotel Paris Pleyel

The Eiffel Tower

Quintessentially Parisian

Few monuments in the world can rival the Eiffel Tower in terms of fame. It isn't just an emblem of Paris, but a symbol for the whole of France. The filigree iron construction still surprises visitors today: how can a building over 300 metres high appear so light? In 1889, the tower built by Gustave Eiffel was inaugurated on the occasion of the World's Fair and the 100th anniversary of the French Revolution. Until 1930, it was the tallest building in the world, and still remains the tallest in Paris today. 

Although the queues are always long - due to the fact that 7 million people visit the tower each year - it's well worth the wait! Climb up on foot or take the lift. Even from the first floor the view is spectacular: from the very top it is simply breathtaking. From H4 Hotel Paris you can take metro line 13 to "Invalides" and take the RER C for two more stops to "Champs de Mars". This will allow you to reach the Eiffel Tower in around 30 minutes.

Notre Dame - H4 Hotel Paris Pleyel

The Île de la Cité with Notre Dame Cathedral

Paris has its roots on the island of Île de la Cité in the Seine. This was the site of the Roman city of Lutetia and to this day the island is considered the centre of the city and all of France. In front of the cathedral is "point zéro", the zero point from which all city distances in the country are measured. The cathedral of "Notre Dame de Paris" is one of the oldest and largest Gothic cathedrals in France, and was built between 1163 and 1345. The imposing building was severely damaged in a major fire on 15 April 2019 and is currently being faithfully reconstructed. 

Additional attractions on the island include the Palace of Justice, the former palace chapel Sainte-Chapelle, Place Dauphine, and the "Mémorial de la Déportation". You can get to Île de la Cité from H4 Hotel Paris by metro: take the 13 at the "Carrefour Pleyel" station and change at the first station ("Marie de Saint-Ouen") to the 14 line. Get off at "Châtelet".

Louvre - H4 Hotel Paris Pleyel

The Louvre and the Tuileries

The Louvre is a majestic palace on the Seine and the former residence of the king of France. An art museum was opened here as early as 1793. Today, with an area of 72,000 m² and 35,000 works on display, it is the largest and also the most visited art museum in the world.  The star of the museum is the "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci, but the museum's collections from antiquity, the Renaissance, Flemish painting of the 16th and 17th centuries, and French painting of the 15th to 19th centuries are also particularly noteworthy. 

Visitors can also marvel at the French crown jewels here. Adjacent to the palace is the "Jardin des Tuileries", the royal garden, which is extremely important as a green space for strolling and meeting. From H4 Hotel Paris, take the metro line 13 to "Champs Elysées/Clemenceau" and change here to line 1, which will take you directly to "Palais Royal/Musée du Louvre".

Shopping in Paris - H4 Hotel Paris Pleyel

Shopping between Place de la Concorde and Étoile

The Avenue des Champs Elysées is about two kilometres long.  The magnificent boulevard has been made famous by films and chansons, and is one of the most iconic streets in Paris.  Beginning at Place de la Concorde, the front section is lined with magnificent parks that are home to the Petit Palais and the Grand Palais, the American Embassy, and two theatres. From the roundabout to the large star-shaped intersection of Place Charles de Gaulle - "Étoile" - with its impressive Arc de Triomphe, which is almost 50 metres tall, the Avenue des Champs Elysées invites you to indulge in some shopping.

Many iconic names are represented here. Whether you want to go window shopping, treat yourself to some purchases, or enjoy a Café au Lait on one of the many terraces: from H4 Hotel Paris, metro line 13 will take you directly to the "Champs Elysées/Clemenceau" station.

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