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The family-friendly H4 Hotel Arcadia Locarno

The hotel is located right on the promenade of Lake Maggiore and is ideal for making delightful excursions to the surrounding area. Locarno is considered to be the warmest town in Switzerland. Lots of holidaymakers appreciate the mild year-round climate and the beautiful natural surroundings. The town is situated in the Ticino Alps and on the idyllic Lake Maggiore. Whether you prefer cycling, hiking or boating, here you’ll find plenty of attractive leisure activities for the whole family. The 4-star H4 Hotel Arcadia Locarno is located right on the promenade of Lake Maggiore and is just 500 metres from the beautiful town centre. During the high season, our hotel in Locarno offers childcare, a playground and a video corner.

Lago Maggiore - H4 Hotel Arcadia Locarno - Official website

Lake Maggiore

Locarno’s town centre with sightseeing attractions within walking distance

You can see the beautiful Alpine panorama of Lake Maggiore directly from the rooms of the H4 Hotel Arcadia Locarno. Just a short distance from our hotel, you can take a boat trip and visit Mediterranean islands with picturesque parks. Those who wish to discover the town’s cultural and historical charms can reach the medieval castle, the “Castello”, in the town centre after a few minutes’ walk. Here you will also find the Piazza Grande, the town square where the famous film festival takes place every year.


Excursion tips for our guests - H4 Hotel Arcadia Locarno - Official website

You can enjoy a magnificent view of the town, the castle and the lake from the medieval pilgrimage church of Madonna del Sasso. A funicular will take you directly there from the town centre. Those who prefer to go shopping will find many small boutiques and shops near the Piazza Grande that offer Ticino specialities, handicrafts and Swiss-designed products. Naturally, you can also see the famous Swiss watches in the shop window displays.

Piazza Grande

The cobbled Piazza Grande in Locarno, with its strolling promenades covered by arcades, is considered to be the finest town square in Switzerland. The famous film festival takes place here in August and the Piazza becomes one big cinema.

Madonna del Sasso near H4 Hotel Arcadia Locarno - Official website

Madonna del Sasso

Verzasca valley near H4 Hotel Arcadia Locarno - Official website

Verzasca valley

Historic castles and Alpine valleys: excursion destinations in Ticino

Just half an hour’s drive by car from our hotel in Locarno is Bellinzona, the capital of Ticino. The town is included on the UNESCO World Heritage list, particularly because of its three impressive castles, including the Castello di Montebello. Bellinzona is especially worth a visit on Saturday mornings, when the town’s narrow streets are filled for the weekly market. The many Alpine valleys around Locarno are also recommended for day trips. Among these, the Verzasca valley, with its medieval stone arch bridge, high dam and many chapels, is particularly worth a visit and can be easily reached by car. 

Pilgrimage church of Madonna del Sasso

Built in the 16th century, the pilgrimage church of Madonna del Sasso impresses visitors with its mural paintings and life-size wooden sculptures. A visit to the most famous pilgrimage site in Italian-speaking Switzerland is also worthwhile because of the spectacular view of Locarno and Lake Maggiore.

Madonna del Sasso near H4 Hotel Arcadia Locarno - Official website

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