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Ideal for a stroll through the historic old town

Take a look at the Kapuzinerkirche church with its ancient convent and walk along the main square, which is divided by the Dietmarbrunnen fountain. According to legend, Dietmar von Anhanger was the founder of Ried. The town hall is also worth seeing. The original Gothic building was completely rebuilt in 1653. To this day, the Council Hall has been carefully preserved, alongside the mayor gallery and the portraits of the royals Maria Theresia, Joseph II and Franz Joseph I.

Inn4tler Summer in Ried - H+ Hotel Ried - Official website

Inn4tler Summer at the Ried surroundings

If you visit Ried between May and October, be sure to take a look at the programme for the "Inn4tlers Summer". The festival, which is organised every year by the Innviertel towns of Braunau, Ried and Schärding, draws in a broad crowd with its rich variety of events including music, drama and art. The festival has made quite a name for itself throughout Austria!

If you decide to spend several days at the H+ Hotel Ried, we are more than happy to recommend different excursions in the local area. If you love nature, a trip to magnificent Europareservat Unterer Inn is a must. The area is blessed with reservoirs, islands and floodplain forests. The area is a nature reserve and a bird protection area with the perfect habitat for numerous species of water fowl and a resting place for ten thousand migratory birds. If you make your way to the viewing points, such as those in Kirchdorf am Inn or in Reichersberg, you can observe these beautiful animals.

Impressive hiking trails and nature trails offer visitors a chance to explore the wonders of nature. The eight-kilometer-long Hohenzeller circular route and the "Antiesenwanderweg" in Utzenaich are excellent routes. But the most popular has to be the Granatzweg, where you can walk in the footsteps of the ancient Romans. For those who love the outdoors, a bike tour is recommended along the Inn cycle path, which leads you along the dams between the Bavarian and Austrian borders.

If you’re looking for a special natural experience for the whole family, visit the Baumkronenweg Kopfing. From safe wooden bridges, you can explore the forest from a whole new perspective.

Hiking trails in Ried - H+ Hotel Ried - Official website

Hiking and nature trails

Skyline of Salzburg - H+ Hotel Ried - Official website

Skyline of Salzburg

If you would like to listen to a concert, do some shopping or simply see the sights, the H+ Hotel Ried offers trips to Passau, Salzburg or Linz. In Passau, where three rivers merge, the Stephansdom Church dominates the landscape and offers majestic views over the rivers and local scenery. Numerous sights and a slightly Italian flair make the old town a real treat for visitors. The historic centre of Mozart’s hometown, Salzburg, has gorgeoys Baroque churches and the Hohensalzburg fortress. The might castle is actually one of the UNESCO world heritage sites.

Dietmarbrunnen fountain

Atop the Baroque fountain you’ll see the statue of Dietmar von Anhanger. According to the legend, during the Third Crusade between 1189 and 1192, the miller's son Dietmar helped lead the Christian troops to victory in the conquest of Ikonia. The flag had already been crushed, and Dietmar took up his lance and stormed the city. In 1191 he was knighted by the Duke of Bavaria.

Dietmarbrunnen fountain Ried - Hotel Ried - Official website
Granatzweg route - Hotel Ried - Official website

Granatzweg route

The Granatzweg route connects the municipalities of Geiersberg and St. Willibald. Walking in the footsteps of the ancient Romans, the route leads you along the historic border between Austria and Bavaria. On the 40-kilometer long track, you have the opportunity to rest at one of the 15 restaurants and get a taste of the local delicacies.

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