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Central location near Salzburg Train Station 

The H+ Hotel Salzburg is in a location with great transport links beside Salzburg main train station. The Old Town with its many sights is within walking distance. In the are around the H+ Hotel Salzburg you’ll find local and international restaurants, plus numerous bars and cafés. The airport is around eight kilometres away, and you can drive there in around a quarter of an hour. You can park your car in our underground car park.

Salzburg Cathedral - H+ Hotel Salzburg - Official website

Salzburg Cathedral

The Salzburg Altstadt or Old Town, which has been a UNSECO World Heritage Site since 1997, is a particular attraction. The nomination says: “A lively, multi-facetted blend of Medieval and Baroque buildings merge in the Old Town to become a unique...structural city ensemble”.

This ensemble includes the enclosed facade fronts of the burghers’ houses, the town squares and laneways as well as the impressive church buildings. In particular, these include Salzburg Cathedral, the first Baroque church north of the Alps. It was built between 1614 and 1628 on the site of the first Romanesque cathedral from the 8th century, and distinguishes Cathedral Square with its richly decorated facade and flanking 81 metre high towers. You will need about 25 minutes to walk to the cathedral from the H+ Hotel Salzburg.

Festung Hohensalzburg or Hohensalzburg Fortress is the trademark of Salzburg and crowning glory of the Old Town. The structure covers 7,000 square metres on an overall site of 14,000 square metres including the bastions, making it one of the biggest castles in Europe. The oldest parts of the site date back to the 11th century, when supporters of the pope sought protection from imperial troops during an investiture conflict.

The surrounding walls were rebuilt during the peasant unrest of 1465-1485. Magnificent regal rooms were added to the castle around 1500, as well as the “Reisszug”, the oldest cable railway in the world. You can walk here in half an hour from the H+ Hotel Salzburg, or drive there in 20 minutes.

Hohensalzburg Fortress - H+ Hotel Salzburg - Official website

Hohensalzburg Fortress

Castle Mirabell - H+ Hotel Salzburg - Official website

Garden of the Castle Mirabell

The castle Schloss Mirabell was built around 1606 outside the city walls for the Archbishop’s mistress. At the beginning of the 18th century, it was converted into a four-winged castle complex with inner courtyard, which was seriously damaged by a fire in 1818. Some of the Baroque decorations were lost in the reconstruction, but the western court facade and garden facade remained mainly preserved.

The gardens are also definitely worth a visit. These include the Hedge Theatre with symmetrical paths and central open areas, where theatrical performances still take place, and the Water bastion, the Rose Garden and the Orangery, built in 1725, with the Palm House. You’ll need around a quarter of an hour to walk there from the H+ Hotel Salzburg, or you can drive in around seven minutes.

The house where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born stands at No. 9 Getreidegasse. The composer was born in the “Hagenauer Haus” on the 27th of January 1756, and he lived here with his family until 1773. The house was a museum as early as 1880. It has original “Mozart Rooms” where exhibits include musical instruments such as Mozart’s childhood violin, momentoes and portraits. You can also see regularly changing special exhibitions and a burgher’s apartment from Mozart’s time. You can drive to the Mozart Houses in ten minutes from the H+ Hotel Salzburg.

House where Mozart was born - H+ Hotel Salzburg - Official website

House where Mozart was born

Salzburg Zoo - H+ Hotel Salzburg - Official website

Salzburg Zoo

Salzburg Zoo is nestled into the landscape around Heilbrunn Mountain. A steep rock face on one side and hilly outcrops in the meadow landscape on the other frame the 14 hectare site. The zoo is committed to bringing together the landscape and the animals’ habitats, which is why specific landscape areas with a balanced relationship of plants and animals have been created.

You can observe animal communities in these “Zoo habitats” - for example white rhinos, antelopes and guinea fowl live together in the “African Savannah”. The drive to the zoo takes about 20 minutes from the H+ Hotel Salzburg.

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