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Classic schnitzel and schnitzel with a twist. Whether it's a Wiener, Milanese, Munich or other style of schnitzel with a choice of veal, pork, chicken, fish or vegan — the choice is yours. 
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FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel-Bar Eschborn - H-Hotels.com

FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel-Bar at the H+ Hotel Frankfurt Eschborn

FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel-Bar Lübeck - H-Hotels.com

FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel-Bar at the H+ Hotel Lübeck

FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel-Bar Bad Soden - H-Hotels.com

FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel-Bar at the H+ Hotel Bad Soden

FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel-Bar Wiesbaden Niedernhausen - H-Hotels.com

FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel-Bar at the H+ Hotel Wiesbaden Niedernhausen

Our schnitzel options

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Jägerschnitzel - FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel-Bar - H-Hotels.com

The original schnitzel

A slice of meat, pounded until thin then fried with a crispy breadcrumb coating. It isn't clear where or when the "original schnitzel" was first created. But all sorts of legends surround it. For example, in 1514 the Council of Venice banned the gold plating of food, which had previously been an accepted way for individuals in certain circles to demonstrate their wealth. Instead, cooks sought inspiration from the Spaniards and Moors and used a gold-coloured breadcrumb coating. Another myth is that Field Marshal Radetzky introduced the schnitzel to the Viennese Court from Milan in 1857. In fact, the practice of coating food in breadcrumbs before frying it goes back well before this in Viennese cuisine. At any rate, the success story of the Austrian Viennese schnitzel began in the second half of the 19th century, and we still regard this as the "original schnitzel" today.

Milanese style schnitzel - FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel-Bar - H-Hotels.com

Milanese style schnitzel

"Piccata Milanese" is a veal cutlet with a parmesan, egg and flour coating. It is traditionally served with spaghetti and tomato sauce. The first Italian holidaymakers brought this recipe to Germany in the early 1960s.

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Landuro pork schnitzel - FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel-Bar - H-Hotels.com

Landuro pork

An original recipe from Thuringia: Landuro pork combines the best features of French Duroc and German Edelschwein pork. The animals are fed an exclusively vegetarian diet and are known for the exquisite quality of their meat.

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Kikok chicken - FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel-Bar - H-Hotels.com

Kikok chicken

The word Kikok is derived from "Kikeriki" — which is German for cock-a-doodle-doo — and "coq". What sounds like a pun actually refers to a gourmet variety of chicken: fed with copious quantities of corn and not reared for rapid growth. The result is the kind of high-quality chicken that is hard to find these days!

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel-Bar

What vegan options does FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel-Bar offer? 

FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel-Bar offers a selection of vegan dishes, including Cauliflower Tempura with Pomegranate & Tahini, Oyster Mushroom Schnitzel - oyster mushrooms gluten-free fried in corn breading, Beet Tartare - spicy vegetable tartare served with roasted onions and vegan meatballs with tomato sauce.

Are there any vegetarian dishes on the menu? 

Yes, FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel-Bar also offers vegetarian dishes. These include mini jacket potatoes with herby quark cheese & linseed oil, kohlrabi schnitzel - in our gluten-free corn breading on sweet potato puree, with bean seeds & teriyaki dip, Sachsenhäuser Schneegestöber - Camembert cheese cream and Burnt fresh goat cheese with honey & thyme.

What meat and fish dishes are available on the menu?

FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel-Bar offers a variety of meat and fish dishes, including small meatballs with red onion chutney & original ABB-Mostrich, Munich Schnitzel from Landuro pork, marinated with sweet mustard and horseradish and baked in a breadcrumb coating of pretzels, served with potato and bacon salad with radishes, fillet of salmon trout served with a crispy herb bread crust, served with colourful carrot vegetables & jacket potatoes, and schnitzel of Kikok chicken. The special corn-fed chicken, pounded thin and baked in clarified butter with our house breading, fried black pudding with apple compote, smoked pork loin with sauerkraut, salmon mousse creamy-smoky and shredded ox with braised onions and herb butter.

Which soups are offered daily?

The soup selection at FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel-Bar varies daily. Please ask the staff for the current soup selection as it changes.

What types of schnitzel are served at FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel-Bar?

At FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel-Bar we offer a wide range of schnitzel types, including the classic Wiener Schnitzel, Milanese Schnitzel, Munich Schnitzel and other variations. You can choose your schnitzel from different types of meat such as veal, pork, chicken, fish or even vegan.

What is the "Original Schnitzel"?

The "Ur-Schnitzel" is a thinly pounded and fried slice of meat served in crispy breadcrumbs. The exact origin of the "Original Schnitzel" can no longer be traced, but there are legends surrounding it, such as its connection to various cultures and its development in Viennese cuisine.

What are the opening hours?

Opening hours are from 12:00 to 22:30

Where is FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel-Bar located? 

Answer: You can visit FRIEDRICHS Schnitzel Bar at the H+ Hotel Frankfurt Eschborn and at the H+ Hotel Lübeck. We are also planning to open more locations soon, including Friedrich's Schnitzel Bar in the H+ Hotel Bad Soden and in the H+ Hotel Wiesbaden Niedernhausen.