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Discover Düsseldorf with the H2 Hotel Düsseldorf - Official website
H2 Hotel Düsseldorf

Opening in 2020

Optimally connected city hotel

With the new H2 Hotel Düsseldorf, a modern, design-oriented budget hotel with 250 comfortable rooms will open in 2020 east of Düsseldorf city centre. As a family hotel and with the option for overnight accommodation for friends travelling together, it also has multi-bed rooms. Thanks to the excellent connections, destinations in the city can be reached quickly.

Conveniently located in all directions

Located about two kilometres east of the city centre, the new H2 Hotel Düsseldorf has excellent connections. From the nearby “Wehrhahn” suburban railway and underground station, you can reach the main station in two minutes, Düsseldorf airport in ten minutes and the old town in five minutes. You will need a good half an hour and have to change to get to the Düsseldorf trade fair.

» Location & Surroundings
Königsallee - H2 Hotel Düsseldorf - Official website

Explore with the H2 Hotel Düsseldorf

“Königsallee” – luxurious shopping experience

Düsseldorf’s “Königsallee” is a sight and promenade in one. As one of the most famous shopping streets in Germany, it is lined with luxury shops and marked by the tree-lined moat. The boulevard is connected to the “Hofgarten” via the futuristic-looking “Kö-Bogen”. Travelling here from the H2 Hotel Düsseldorf takes 15 minutes via the underground.

Gehry buildings – architecture as modern art

The three Gehry buildings at “MedienHafen” are Düsseldorf’s newest landmark. They impress with their bold, deconstructivist design. As a link, the middle building reflects the facades of the other two. From the “Rheinturm” you have a fantastic view of the buildings and the centre. Travelling here from the H2 Hotel Düsseldorf takes 15 minutes by car.

» Attractions

“Schlossturm” – historical tower with museum

The last preserved part of the city castle is the “Schlossturm” at “Burgplatz” directly on the banks of the Rhine. In the “Schifffahrt-Museum”, which is housed there, you can watch a multi-media exhibition on 2,000 years of navigation on the Rhine or take a break and enjoy the view in the café on the viewing floor. Travelling here from the H2 Hotel Düsseldorf takes about 15 minutes by car or the underground.

Visit Little Tokyo in Düsseldorf - H2 Hotel Düsseldorf - Official website

Little Tokyo – Japanese Culture in North Rhine-Westphalia

Düsseldorf is home to one of the largest Japanese communities in Europe and its cultural centre is located in the area around Immermannstraße. “Little Tokyo”, the district is characterised by numerous Japanese restaurants and shops ranging from grocery stores to manga cafés. Travelling to Immermannstraße from the H2 Hotel Düsseldorf takes almost 20 minutes by foot.

Memorial site

children under National Socialism

The historic “Düsseldorf Stadthaus”, which has had many functions in its history, now houses the memorial site for the victims of National Socialist tyranny. In its permanent exhibition, the museum provides information about children and young people during National Socialism in Düsseldorf. Travelling here from the H2 Hotel Düsseldorf takes around 15 minutes via the underground.

» Attractions

Holidays in Düsseldorf, we look forward to meeting you!

H2 Hotel Düsseldorf

Toulouser Allee 11
40211 Düsseldorf, DE

: 00800 87 333 737
: +49 (0)30 130066150

: [email protected]

Explore Düsseldorf with the H2 Hotel Düsseldorf - Official website

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