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Close to the city centre and easy to reach

The new H2 Hotel Düsseldorf City is located about two kilometres east of the city centre quarter. The old town can be reached on foot in half an hour or in a quarter of an hour by public transport. The nearest local rail station, from which you can reach the main station in two minutes or Düsseldorf airport in ten minutes, is called “Wehrhahn”. You can get to the trade fair in just over half an hour. Take advantage of the convenient transport connections from the H2 Hotel Düsseldorf City and discover the Rhine metropolis for yourself!

Strolling on the Königsallee - H2 Hotel Düsseldorf City - Official website
Strolling on the boulevard Königsallee

For example, “Königsallee” is a sight and promenade in one. Seeing and being seen on Germany’s most famous shopping street is just as important as strolling through the luxury shops there. The boulevard is characterised by the central moat, which is lined with chestnuts and sycamore trees. The overall picture includes the bridges and fountains, but also the lanterns, clocks, railings, bollards and telephone booths specially designed for “Kö” which is protected as a historic monument. 

The transition from the “Kö” to the “Hofgarten” is formed by the futuristically curved “Kö-Bogen”, whose façade was designed by Daniel Libeskind. Travelling to the “Ko” from the H2 Hotel Düsseldorf City takes less than 15 minutes via the underground.

The latest city landmark is the “Neuer Zollhof” ensemble of buildings at “MedienHafen” which was inaugurated in 1999. According to its architect Frank O. Gehry, also called the Gehry buildings, the three deconstructivist buildings with their curved facades, inclined towers and different materials are impressive. In order to establish a connection between the buildings, the middle building is clad in such a way that the two other buildings are reflected in its façade. 

You have a fantastic view from above of this “architectural sculpture” from the 240-metre-high “Rheinturm”. Travelling here from the H2 Hotel Düsseldorf City takes 30 minutes via public transport or 15 minutes by car.

MedienHafen at the Rhine - H2 Hotel Düsseldorf City - Official website
Gehry buildings at the "MedienHafen"
Viewing floor on top of the Schlossturm - H2 Hotel Düsseldorf City - Official website
Schlossturm with viewing floor

The “Schlossturm” is the only preserved part of the former city castle at “Burgplatz” directly on the Rhine. “Burgplatz” itself is considered one of the most beautiful places of the post-war period, and today the “Schlossturm” houses the “Schifffahrt-Museum” for 2,000 years of navigation on the Rhine. The history of shipbuilding, ecology of the Rhine, trade and life on the river are the main topics of the multi-media exhibition, which also provides information about the castle and the city. 

From the café on the viewing floor you have a beautiful view of the Rhine. It takes about 15 minutes by car or the underground from the H2 Hotel Düsseldorf City to “Burgplatz” in the city centre.

Apart from London and Paris, Düsseldorf is home to one of the largest Japanese communities in Europe. And so it is hardly surprising that the area around Immermannstrasse is called “Little Tokyo”. Here lies the centre of Japanese culture in Düsseldorf and numerous restaurants offering “real” Japanese cuisine, but also everyday shops for Japanese food, clothing or furniture, bookstores, hairdressers or travel agencies convey a touch of Asia. 

Whether gourmet or manga and cosplay fan: From the H2 Hotel Düsseldorf City it is less than a 20-minute walk to Immermannstraße – it’s worth it!

Shopping in "Little Tokyo" - H2 Hotel Düsseldorf City - Official website
Shopping in "Little Tokyo"
Museum for kids - H2 Hotel Düsseldorf City - Official website
Marvel at the permanent exhibition in the "Stadthaus"

The “Düsseldorf Stadthaus” has a turbulent history behind it and served as a monastery, school, observatory, government and administration building as well as offices and detention cells for the police and the SS during the Nazi era. Today it houses the memorial site for the victims of National Socialist tyranny. As a museum and research centre, it presents the permanent exhibition for Düsseldorf children and young people under National Socialism

The cellars, which were used as air-raid shelters during the war, can also be visited. If you are staying over for more than one night at the H2 Hotel Düsseldorf City, you should plan a visit here. It takes about 15 minutes by underground to get here from the family hotel.

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