City centre and the train station on the doorstep - H2 Hotel Leipzig

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City centre and the train station on the doorstep

The new H2 Hotel Leipzig is right on the edge of the city centre, in the immediate vicinity of Leipzig main station. The station itself is considered an attraction and opens up all the possibilities of local and long-distance transport to you as a guest at the H2 Hotel Leipzig. Deutsche Bahn, long-distance buses, trams and buses stop almost “right on the doorstep” and take you to the trade fair, the Red Bull Arena Leipzig or other destinations in the city.

St. Nicholas Church near the H2 Hotel Leipzig - Official website
St. Nicholas Church

The newly designed area on the east side of the station includes the hotel complex, a “Flanier Plaza” and the new long-distance bus terminal, which also houses a car rental service. At the H2 Hotel Leipzig you can stay overnight for a decent price and a central location and you can explore the lively city centre by foot.

For example, you will soon come across the St. Nicholas Church in the city centre. The oldest church in Leipzig was built in 1165 and has Romanesque and Gothic style elements. The interior was impressively redesigned in the 18th century with columns reminiscent of palm trees in the colours white, pink and light green. The St. Nicholas Church was a symbol of the Peaceful Revolution in the GDR. Travelling here from the H2 Hotel Leipzig takes about ten minutes by foot.

All around the city centre you will find passages where the Leipzig Trade Fair used to be held. Because drivers had to turn around in these “Handelshöfe” with two exits after unloading or loading. “Specks Hof” or “Barthels Hof”, but above all the “Mädler-Passage” are well-known. The four-storey passage was redesigned from 1912 to 1914 in the style of Milan. Besides shops, restaurants and a cabaret there is also “Auerbachs Keller”. 

Goethe himself liked to stay in the famous wine tavern, where the student scene from Faust plays out. Touch the foot of the statue of Doctor Faust – it's good luck! Travelling here from the H2 Hotel Leipzig takes about ten minutes by foot.

Sightseeing in Leipzig - H2 Hotel Leipzig - Official website
Sightseeing in Leipzig
Tropical hall in Leipzig Zoo - H2 Hotel Leipzig - Official website
Tropical hall in Leipzig Zoo

The Leipzig Zoo has a long tradition and still impresses today with its historical buildings in the “Gründer-Garten”. Since 2000, the zoo, in which more than 850 animal species can be seen across more than 25 hectares, has been gradually expanded and converted into the “zoo of the future”: Near-natural habitats for the animals and a natural experience for the visitors are the main focus. 

Besides the world’s largest great ape house, the highlight is the “Gondwanaland”. You can even take a boat trip in the largest tropical hall in Europe. A variety of restaurants and playgrounds make the day perfect. Plan a quarter of an hour’s walk from your family hotel with children to the zoo.

Not far from the zoo there is the Gohlis Palace a little outside the centre. In 1755/56, town councillor Johann Caspar Richter had it built as a summer palace. The rococo ensemble with its enclosed garden can be visited on a guided tour and concerts are also held in the festival hall created by Adam Friedrich Oeser. The café is an inviting location for those in need of a break. Once in “Menckestraße”, you should not miss the “Schillerhaus”. 

Friedrich Schiller lived in the small farmhouse – the oldest in Leipzig – in 1785. There is a small memorial and a historical farm garden here. Travelling from the main station next to the H2 Hotel Leipzig to the “Fritz-Seger-Straße” stop takes about ten minutes by tram.

Gohlis Palace - H2 Hotel Leipzig - Official website
Gohlis Palace
Bike tour at the "Leipziger Neuseenland" - H2 Hotel Leipzig - Official website
Bike tour at the "Leipziger Neuseenland"

More than 23 open-cast mining holes in the former lignite mining area between Leipzig, Halle, Bitterfeld and Borna have now been flooded and turned into popular lakes. Some of the largest of them are located in the south of Leipzig and are affectionately called “Leipziger Neuseenland”. The “Markkleeberger”, the “Störmthaler”, the “Zwenkauer” and above all the “Cospudener See” are ideal for a bike ride

The northern shore of “Cospudener See”, which also has the two-kilometre-long sandy beach, is about ten kilometres by bicycle from the H2 Hotel Leipzig through the alluvial forest – just under three quarters of an hour. The circular path around the lake is 10.4 kilometres long and you can take a refreshing break at “Pier1”, the harbour on the eastern shore.

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