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Saarbrücken is a varied and green city

Saarbrücken is a varied and green city. The capital of the Saarland has a lot to offer city travellers. Embark upon a city tour on foot from H2 Hotel Saarbrücken and you will repeatedly come across buildings and squares that were planned by the baroque master builder Friedrich Joachim Stengel. What about a stroll along Bahnhofsstraße from the hotel to the St. Johanner market? This popular marketplace and meeting place is considered the centre of Saarbrücken, with its shops and eateries and pretty surrounding streets such as Fröschengasse. 

St. Johann Saarbrücken - H2 Hotel Saarbrücken

The baroque basilica of St. Johann, which was also built by master builder Stengel between 1754 and 1758, is certainly worth seeing. From the St. Johanner market, Saarbrücken Castle on the other side of the Saar can be seen thanks to the masterfully planned vista. 

On the way there, you will pass the Saarland State Theatre and cross the Old Bridge, the oldest bridge in Saarland, built between 1546 and 1548.

Saarbrücken Castle

On the site where a medieval castle and a previous building from the Renaissance period once stood, visitors today can admire the former seat of power of the Counts of Nassau-Saarbrücken, which was also designed by master builder Stengel. The overall complex also includes the picturesque palace garden on the Saar, the palace church with the Museum of Sacred Art, and the baroque-style palace square with the Old Town Hall, the Kreisständehaus and the Erbprinzenpalais. 

Castle Saarbrücken - H2 Hotel Saarbrücken
Ludwigskirche - H2 Hotel Saarbrücken

From the Schlossplatz, continue along the leafy Nanteser Platz to the Ludwigskirche. The layout of Ludwigsplatz and the church are also the work of Stengel. The baroque Ludwigskirche is one of the most important baroque churches in Germany and the landmark of Saarbrücken. The route back to H2 Hotel Saarbrücken takes you across the Saar again and along the Berliner Promenade for a while. 

In general, the Saar is a popular destination for excursions.  Whether you prefer to explore on foot, using inline skates, by bike, or by boat, the long stretches of green banks invite you to enjoy numerous activities. In terms of biking, there are also other tours along the river cycle path.

Children and adults alike can have fun renting a canoe or a stand-up paddle to discover the city from the river. The scenic surroundings are one of Saarbrücken's highlights. Saarbrücken Zoo, the wildlife park and the AbenteuerPark Saarbrücken climbing park offer exciting opportunities for fun. The ancient forest at the gates of the city provides an experience of immersion in unspoilt nature.

Ancient forest tour

A section of the Saar coal forest covering more than a thousand hectares has been turned back into an "ancient forest" since 1997. Without any commercial use, this forest reserve is allowed to recover and develop naturally. This has created a unique wilderness, which you can get to know on a guided tour along enchanted paths. Sturdy shoes are essential for this alternative to a city stroll. 

Saarschleife - H2 Hotel Saarbrücken
Hiking on rocky paths - H2 Hotel Saarbrücken
Hiking on rocky paths

You will also need good shoes on the Saarbrücken rock paths. The signposted hike takes you through red sandstone formations and past rugged rock faces, grottos and gorges. With their rock formations dating back to the age of the dinosaurs, the hiking trails in the St. Arnual district are among the most interesting and beautiful in the area. Another attractive destination for a short hike is the 46-metre-high Schwarzenbergturm. Here, at the highest point of the Saarbrücken city forest, you can enjoy a fantastic view over the surrounding area.

If you are in the mood for art and culture, we recommend the three locations of the Saarland Museum with their different focuses: sacred art in the castle church, the Old Collection and the Modern Gallery. The Museum of Prehistory and Early History offers an insight into times gone by. It brings history to life with a tour through the epochs of cultural development from the Stone Age to the Middle Ages.

The Place of the Invisible Memorial in front of Saarbrücken Castle turns its gaze to a completely different aspect of history. This work of art, inaugurated in 1993, is actually invisible: It comprises 2146 place names of Jewish cemeteries that existed until 1933, engraved into the underside of the dark paving stones of the castle square. Only the signs on this square, which once housed a Gestapo control centre, point to the "invisible memorial" - an appeal against the suppression of history. 

Discover a versatile city as well as its picturesque surroundings - and enjoy a pleasant stay full of modern comforts at H2 Hotel Saarbrücken!

Castle Saarbrücken - H2 Hotel Saarbrücken
Place of the Invisible Memorial in front of the castle

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