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Sights located close to the H4 Hotel Münster

Take a tour through the city centre and explore the attractions of the episcopal city of Münster. The Gothic, 10th century Saint Lambert’s Church is located on the main marketplace and is surrounded by gabled houses steeped in history.

Museums in Münster - H4 Hotel Münster - Official website

After driving for about nine minutes, you can also reach the Planetarium in the LWL Museum of Natural History. Literally reach for the stars and embark here on a journey to distant galaxies, impressive milky ways and the far-away planets of our universe.

Not only is the well-developed promenade ideal for a walk along Lake Aa, the ring road is also exclusively designated for use by cyclists and pedestrians. This is also where you will also find the famous Zwinger dungeon, housing the contemporary artwork by Rebecca Horn entitled ”Das gegenläufige Konzert” (“The Concerto in Contrary Motion”).


The Prinzipalmarkt is a picturesque street of houses in Münster’s city centre that is ideal for taking a stroll and doing some shopping. Both sides are lined with gabled houses, which all differ from one another and yet form one uniform street that is flanked with shops and follows a bend.

Prinzipalmarkt - H4 Hotel Münster
Sightseeing in Münster - H4 Hotel Münster - Official website

Destinations reachable from the H4 Hotel Münster

During your stay in the H4 Hotel Münster, why not make an excursion to Osnabrück, known as the “city of peace”, located about 58 km away in Lower Saxony. Osnabrück is the only city in Germany located in the middle of a nature park, the TERRA.vita Nature and Geopark. This covers an area of 1,500 km² and has been a UNESCO site since 2004. Situated within the park is the Route of Megalithic Culture with Stone-Age megalithic tombs and impressive dinosaur tracks.

Located about 13 km from our hotel, the tranquil pilgrimage site of Telgte invites you to discover its 1,200-year-old history. Delight in the attractive narrow streets, idyllic squares and medieval features. The landmark of the picturesque pilgrimage site is the 600-year-old pietà, which is almost 1.5 metres tall and depicts the encounter of the Virgin Mary with her dead son Jesus Christ. Around 100,000 worshippers visit the pilgrimage destination on the River Ems each year.

TERRA.vita nature park

The TERRA.vita nature park near Osnabrück, with its natural monuments, offers a journey back in time through 300 million years of Earth’s history. Dinosaur tracks, medieval castles and historic villages with lovingly restored half-timbered houses rank among the highlights of this region with incredibly diverse scenery.

TERRA.vita nature park - H4 Hotel Münster

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