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Wellness and treatments in the Limes-Thermen thermal spa

The H+ Hotel Limes Thermen Aalen is located right beside the Limes-Thermen thermal spa, with a direct link via the heated, glazed “Bathrobe Walkway”. This spa-complex, covering an area of around 4,000 square metres, features various heated pools, a sauna area including a non-nude sauna, Finnish sauna, Roman-Irish steam room, a rest pavillon and a wellness area for massages, treatments and beauty treatments.

Bathrobe Walkway - H+ Hotel Limes Thermen Aalen - Official website

Bathrobe Walkway to Limes-Thermen

Limes Therm Bath - H+ Hotel Limes Thermen Aalen - Official website

Limes-Thermen thermal spa

Do something for your senses in the Kneipp treatment area or our therapeutic facilities which include the vitallium with brine inhalation area. The state-recognised medicinal spring is 36.4 degrees Celsius, fluoride-containing calcium sodium sulphate thermal spa. The water reserves date back to the last ice age, which means they are between 12,000 and 14,000 years old, and completely unaffected by the pollution of today.

To relax or even just feel good, you can book a part or full massage in the Limes-Thermen spa, or special treatments such as a hot-stone massage, a hot-chocolate massage, a moor or mud pack, and beauty treatments such as a Scottish spa or a chocolate-coffee peel. Children under the age of 3 are not admitted.

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