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In the heart of Bad Soden with good links to Frankfurt

On the one hand the spa resort of Bad Soden is a quiet little town on the Taunus, yet on the other it is a mere half hour’s drive to the centre of Frankfurt. The Messe exhibition centre and Frankfurt Airport are just 20 minutes away. The H+ Hotel Bad Soden is located right next to the Alte Kurpark gardens just to the north of Bad Soden’s centre. It is less than ten minutes’ walk to the local train station, which also offers S-Bahn connections to central Frankfurt. Hiking through the Taunus is a popular leisure activity, for example along the Taunus mountain trail which passes through Fischbach. The trail is just fifteen minutes’ drive from Bad Soden.

Kurpark - H+ Hotel Bad Soden - Official website

The H+ Hotel Bad Soden stands on the site of the former spa house, which was demolished in 1971. The Alte Kurpark garden remains, however; established in 1823, it still impresses visitors with its wealth of exotic trees and English style landscaped garden. Several mineral springs, such as the “Schwefelbrunnen” sulphuric spring and the “Neue Sprudel” shape the park’s image. 

And the “Große Sprudel” or “Big Fizz” is located right on the H+ Hotel Bad Soden’s very own terrace. Take a walk through the park and discover the bathhouse dating from 1871, which today houses the town library, art gallery and museum.

The “Hundertwasserhaus” in Bad Soden was designed by Viennese artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. This Bad Soden building is a residential home whose foundation stone was laid in November 1990. Within it, the building also contains the town’s first spa, “Haus Bockenheimer”, which dates back to 1722. The house has a 30-metre tower with nine floors, and contains 17 different apartments varying in size between 120 and 230 square metres. 

Some of the apartments are spread out over several floors, and some also offer a terrace or a roof garden. It is approximately ten minutes’ walk from the H+ Hotel Bad Soden.

Hundertwasserhaus - H+ Hotel Bad Soden - Official website
Sodenia-Tempel - H+ Hotel Bad Soden - Official website

Sodenia temple

Located directly opposite the Hundertwasserhaus is a small mineral springs park which was established in 1872. At the heart of the park is the “Solbrunnen” spring, which was originally used for salt production. Since 1854 it has also been used as a spa and drinking fountain. At that time the spring was newly framed and mixed with whey in the adjacent pavilion for curative purposes. 

The Sodenia temple with Sodenia figurine was erected in 1888. It has since become a real landmark for the town of Bad Soden. The Sulzbach also flows through the park, and on the road approaching the park you can also find the Sauerbrunnen, a well-known curative spring with anti-inflammatory properties.

The Evangelical Church of Bad Soden was inaugurated as far back as 1490. The sacristy was built in 1510. Shortly afterwards, Frankfurt joined the Reformation and thus Bad Soden also became Protestant. Parts of the city and the church were destroyed in a fire in the 16th century. Only the sacristy was saved. 

When the Protestant Union lost the Battle of Höchst during the Thirty Years’ War, Catholic services were temporarily celebrated in Bad Soden again. Baroque panel paintings dating from 1720 were uncovered during restoration work in the 1990s. It is less than ten minutes’ walk from the H+ Hotel Bad Soden to the church next to the mineral springs park.

Evangelical church - H+ Hotel Bad Soden - Official website

Evangelical Church

Burgberg Tower - H+ Hotel Bad Soden - Official website

Walk in the Burgberg Tower

The Burgberg Tower was built in 1900 by the Taunus Club. The so-called “watch tower” is purportedly a symbol for a castle which used to stand on this 180-metre hill, although the castle’s existence is unconfirmed. The hill above the Alte Kurpark garden is characterised by the pine forest established here in 1881. The tower is ten metres high, and has a viewing platform with 1.3 metre battlements. The building was renovated in 2008. The viewing platform is open every Sunday during the summer. The tower is approximately ten minutes’ walk from the H+ Hotel Bad Soden.

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