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Berlin, capital of the Federal Republic of Germany and cultural metropolis

The face of Berlin changes almost daily. The extensive cultural scene offers high culture and also leaves room for cultural experimentation. The nightlife is colourful and varied. Lots of shops – from small bric-a-brac shops to Germany’s biggest department stores – make the vibrant metropolis a shopping paradise for everyone. 

H+ Hotel Berlin Mitte - Official website

Our hotel, the H+ Hotel Berlin Mitte, is right in the middle of it all. The nearby Friedrichstraße and the famous “Unter den Linden” boulevard are important streets for transport and shopping. You can quickly reach all the other districts with the S-Bahn (city and suburban railway), U-Bahn (underground railway) and buses. There is a U-Bahn station immediately in front of the hotel. 

The political centre of the Federal Republic of Germany – the Reichstag and the Bundeskanzleramt

Just a few metres from our hotel, you can immerse yourself in the political centre of the Federal Republic of Germany. The Reichstag is the seat of the German Bundestag (lower house of the German parliament). The glass cupola of the parliament building can be accessed without having to register, which means that the visitors can watch the members of parliament as they work. Not far away, by the River Spree, are the new Kanzleramt (Chancellery) and the office buildings of the members of the Bundestag.

On the square in front of the Brandenburg Gate, which has seen history made with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 as well as on other occasions, the diplomatic missions of the USA, France and the UK have been established. The impressive Russian embassy, with its wedding-cake style architecture, is situated just a few metres further away.

Federal Chancellery near the H+ Hotel Berlin Mitte - Official website

Federal Chancellery

Reichstag - H+ Hotel Berlin Mitte


This is the seat of German politics: The Reichstag Building in Berlin, known simply as the Reichstag, is an attraction that politically minded visitors cannot afford to miss. Built between 1884 and 1894, the building has been home to the Bundestag (German parliament) since 1999. The building’s glass dome, designed by Sir Norman Foster, combines modern architecture with the neo-Renaissance style that embodied Berlin at the end of the 18th century.

You can see the dome and the roof terrace free of charge as part of a guided tour or by booking in advance (valid photo ID is required).

Berlin Cathedral

Berlin Cathedral is located on Museum Island and was built between 1894 and 1905. It combines stylistic elements of the Baroque and the High Renaissance. The cathedral has a capacity of 1,650, making it one of the largest churches in Germany. Also used for state religious services, the cathedral consists of a preaching church and a small baptismal and wedding chapel. In addition to a tour of the cathedral, attending a musical event here is highly recommended.

Berlin Cathedral - H+ Hotel Berlin Mitte

Palaces and gardens in Potsdam

Potsdam Gardens - H+ Hotel Berlin Mitte - Official website

Garden in Potsdam

To the south-west of Berlin lies Potsdam, the Prussian residence city, with its countless palaces and grounds. You can get to beautiful Potsdam in just 45 minutes from the H+ Hotel Berlin Mitte. Since 2013, the reconstructed City Palace in the heart of the city has been a new, eye-catching landmark. Thanks to the reconstruction, one of the finest baroque ensembles in Germany has re-emerged. 

Park Sanssouci and the palace of the same name are famous. A sight worth seeing is the grave of the Prussian king Frederick the Great on the palace terrace. Here, next to the king, rest nine greyhounds of which the ruler had been fond. Even today, the people of Potsdam lay potatoes on the gravestone as a reminder that the Great Fritz popularised potatoes in Prussia.

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