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Easy to get to in fantastic surroundings

The H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg is in the centre of Engelberg, in the heart of the holiday of the same name, about 35 km south of Lucerne. In the summer, 360 kilometres of walking routes, 100 kilometres of jogging routes and 14 official bike trails attract nature lovers and sports fans. In winter, our ski runs with 82 kilometres of descents and 14 lifts appeal to all ski fans. The H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg is the ideal base for activities of all kinds, and our staff will be delighted to help you find things to do. Getting to the hotel is easy too. From Lucerne, you’ll need about 45 minutes by car or train. The hotel is about two minutes’ walk from the train station. You are welcome to park your car in the hotel garage.

Kloster - H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg - Official website

Kloster Engelberg

The abbey Kloster Engelberg, founded in 1120 by Konrad von Sellenbüren, gives you a glimpse of the history of the region. The Benedictine abbey was rebuilt after a fire in 1729, and ranks as the largest Baroque building in Central Switzerland. As well as the biggest organ in the country in the Baroque abbey, you can also visit the cheese-making dairy. The abbey is the second-biggest employer in Engelberg with over 100 employees in eight businesses including carpentry, gardening and a hydroelectric power plant. You can walk to the abbey site in around five minutes from the H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg.

The Manor House and Grafenort Chapel in the lower Engelberg valley was built in 1690 as a leisure area for the monks from Engelberg abbey. Wealthy travellers could also spend the night here. The Baroque building is still used by the abbey as a meeting facility today. Tours of the historic rooms and chapel can be arranged on request. You can get to Grafenort from the H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg in around 20 minutes by train.

Grafenort - H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg - Official website
Hiking in Engelberg - H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg - Official website

Hiking in the beautiful Engelberg

The area around Engelberg is very appealing, with a wide range of walking and hiking routes of different levels of difficulty. The Professorenweg path offers a simple route through the valley from the village to the “Eienwäldli“. You’ll need decent footwear if you opt for the three and a half hour route from Brunni to Oberrickenbach. The cable car takes you up the Brunni, then you follow the high terraces above the Walenstöcke. You can use a combination of Post bus and train to get back.

The route over the Surenenpass to Attinghausen, on the other hand, counts as a full day hike of around 20 kilometres and an ascent of over 1,200 metres. Your efforts will be rewarded by fantastic views from the pass over the Reusstal valley. Start your walk right at the H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg.

The Titlis Massif, south of Engelberg, is a walking and skiing area opened up by its cable cars. You get to the Kleintitlis mountain station at an elevation of 3,020 metres in four stages, via the stations Gerschnialp, Trübsee and Stand. Breathtaking panoramic views of the mountain summits and the Titlis glacier are your reward. The Four Lake Walk on the western side of the Titlis goes from Trübsee lake to the Engstlensee lake, via the Tannensee lake to the Melchsee.

The roughly nine hour hike can be shortened if you use the cable cars or lifts. The Titlis cable car station H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg is less the a quarter of an hour on foot.

Mount Titlis in Engelberg - H+ Hotel & Spa Engelberg - Official website
Titlis Massif
Titlis Cliff Walk - H+ Hotel & SPA Engelberg - Official website

Titlis Cliff Walk

Anyone feeling brave can face the particular challenge of the Titlis. Europe’s highest suspension bridge, the “Titlis Cliff Walk” was opened on the Titlis at an elevation of 3.041 metres in 2012. The 100 metre long bridge spans a drop of 500 metres. The bridge is accessed via the Kleintitlis mountain station through a 140 metre long tunnel to the viewing platform on the southern wall. The other end of the bridge is at the mountain station of the glacier chair lift the “Ice Flyer”. Crossing the bridge is free.

Actual view of Cliffwalk - Titlis Engelberg

cliffwalk - Titlis Engelberg

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