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600 square metres of space and an expert team

The H+ Hotel Köln Hürth offer various options for meetings and events of all kinds. Approximately 600 square metres of events space is divided over 9 meeting rooms, which can be arranged in a variety of ways and partly combined to create larger spaces. This allows the creation of a hall measuring up to 360 square metres, with capacity for up to around 300 people.

Large meeting rooms at the H+ Hotel Köln Hürth - Official website

Large meeting rooms at the H+ Hotel Köln Hürth - Official website

Large meeting room

On request, the team at the H+ Hotel Köln Hürth is also happy to assist you with the planning and implementation of your event. If you also want a relaxing accompanying programme for your guests, you can consult with the team and hear their suggestions for leisure activities.

During major trade fairs, the H+ Hotel Köln Hürth also offers a free shuttle service to Kalscheuren train station.

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