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Sights located close to the H+ Hotel München

Due to the central city centre location, the long list of places of interest that you can find in close surroundings of our hotel, leaves nothing to be desired. The Marienplatz, heart of old town and centre of the pedestrian zone is not just a popular photo scene but also invites you to linger in its numerous shops and cafés. Thus, the Deutsches Museum lets the hearts of researchers beat faster, the three Pinakothecken fascinate people interested in art of all ages and the Theresienwiese has different large events and festivals to offer all year-round - with the Oktoberfest being the highlight.

Marienplatz - H+ Hotel München


Marienplatz is in the heart of the old town and is a definite must for each visitor to Munich due to its numerous cafés and shops. The new-Gothic town hall with its Glockenspiel that can be heard several times a day, is a particular highlight.

Excursion destinations start at the H+Hotel München

The historic Hellabrunn Zoo can be easily reached by car or with the use of public transport. Here, the whole family has a chance to marvel at the hundreds of species of animals. People interested in sports visit the Olympia Park, while hikers and nature lovers can explore the Starnberger See, a world-famous, close to nature excursion destination just 50km away from the hotel.  

Olympiapark in Munich - H+ Hotel München - Official website

Oympia Park

Theresienwiese - H+ Hotel München


Each year millions of visitors are attracted to the Theresienwiese for the Oktoberfest. However, apart from the largest folk festival in the world, there are large events all-year round such as the Tollwood cultural festival or the spring festival.

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