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Quiet, forest edge location with great transport links

The H4 Hotel Frankfurt Messe is located in the west of Frankfurt, near the intersection of the A5 and A648 motorways. It is in a quiet location, surrounding by a residential area with allotments, right by a forest.

H4 Hotel Frankfurt Messe - Official website

As it is so close to the motorway intersection, it only takes around ten minutes to get to the airport, fifteen minutes to the main train station or ten minutes to the exhibition centre. We have 80 parking spaces for guests arriving by car. You can hire a bike at the hotel and cycle to the exhibition centre in 15 minutes. You can drive to Frankfurt’s Old Town and all its sights in around 20 minutes from the H4 Hotel Frankfurt Messe or go by bike in half an hour.

When you’re in the Old Town, make sure you visits the imperial cathedral “St Bartholomäus”. The catholic cathedral, with its striking late-gothic tower, was the site of the election and coronation of the German emperors. A grand total of ten imperial coronations took place here. The current building dates from the time between 1250 and 1514, and is the third church building on this site. The oldest parts date back to the 7th century. The relics of Saint Bartholomew, patron of the church since 1239, are of great religious importance.

Go from here along Bendergasse to Römerberg, the main town square in Frankfurt Old Town, with the “Römer” town hall and the Old Nikolaikirche Church. The eastern side is characterised by a row of houses which was destroyed in the Second World War, and rebuilt using the original plans, with Gothic and Baroque buildings. Not only is the square a popular tourist spot, it also houses trade show events and the Christmas Market. Many remember it from the reception for the victory celebrations of the men and women’s German national football teams after their success in World Cups and European Championships.

Römerberg - H4 Hotel Frankfurt Messe - Official website


Goethe Haus - H4 Hotel Frankfurt Messe - Official website

Goethe House

It is just five minutes’ walk from here to the Goethe House. Johann Wolfgang Goethe was born here in 1749. At that time, the house consisted of two half-timbered houses, which were replaced by a Rococo building in 1755/56. Goethe lived here until he left for Weimar in 1775. The house was sold in 1795, then a civic association bought it in 1863 and set up a memorial using historic sources and momentoes of Goethe’s life. 

The house was destroyed in the war, rebuilt after 1947 and opened as a museum in 1951. Exhibits include furniture, art and everyday objects, books, pictures and manuscripts.

The “Museumsufer Frankfurt” or Museum Riverside comprises around 30 museums. On the north bank, this includes the Jewish Museum, the Historical Museum, the Museum of Modern Art and the Archaeological museum. The Neuer Portikus exhibition site was opened on the Main Island in 2006. 

On the south bank, you’ll find the Museum of Applied Art, the Museum of World Cultures, the German Film Museum, the German Architectural museum, and particularly the “Städel“, one of Germany’s most important art museums, with a permanent exhibition of over 1,000 paintings from the Middle Ages to the present day. You can drive to the Museumufer in around 20 minutes from the H4 Hotel Frankfurt Messe.

Museums in Frankfurt - H4 Hotel Frankfurt Messe - Official website

Museums throughout the city

Frankfurt Zoo - H4 Hotel Frankfurt Messe - Official website

Visit the Frankfurt Zoo

Frankfurt Zoo, founded in 1858, is Germany’s second oldest wildlife park and is now devoted to the theme “Experience animals - preserve nature”. This is also reflected in the fact that particularly rare, endangered species such as the Manchurian Crane, the Asian Lion and the Bearded Vulture are on display here. Other protection programmes include the Rusty Spotted Cat, the Maned Wolf and the gorilla, which the zoo also manages the pedigree book for. 

You can also see a range of European bird species. Some roam freely through the site such as peacocks, herons or geese. You can drive to the zoo from the H4 Hotel Frankfurt Messe in around 25 minutes.

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