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Very close to the Roman city of Cologne, on the Rhine

Discover its culture, history, World Heritage Sites and sporting events. Around 800m away from the hotel is the Schwindelfrei climbing forest at Brühler Wasserturm with a total of eleven high-rope courses for beginners and more experienced climbers. The water skiing facility at Bleibtreusee, around four kilometres away, promises more high-speed excitement. This body of water is the largest of the Ville lakes and is ideally suited for swimming and surfing. 

Karlsbad - H+ Hotel Köln Brühl - Official website

Fun pastime in the pool

You can also have some refreshing fun in the Karlsbad pool, around 20 minutes’ walk from the H+ Hotel Köln Brühl. A 70m-long tube slide, several saunas with an outside sauna park as well as swimming pools for adults and children ensure that there is plenty of fun to be had by all. Close your accommodation in Brühl, there are also the old castles of Falkenlust and Augustusberg, World Heritage Sites that are well worth a visit.


Phantasialand in Brühl bei Köln is an exciting place for the whole family, with theme worlds and rides including roller coasters and the world’s steepest flume ride as well as fantastic live shows.

Phantasialand near the H+ Hotel Köln Brühl - Official website

Excursions from H+ Hotel Köln Brühl

Golf in Cologne - H+ Hotel Köln Brühl - Official website

Discover the Rheinland nature park. Take some time to cycle, golf and hike surrounded by lush flora and fauna or race through it on some in-line skates. Families with children will enjoy a visit to the Phantasialand amusement park in Brühl-Köln. One of Germany’s most popular amusement parks, it has the world’s steepest flume ride and colourful theme worlds that take you around the globe as well as adrenalin-filled rides for visitors with particularly steady nerves.

The Rhine-Erft district not only has its distinctly crazy carnival time but also a wide range of events throughout the year and plenty of historic sights throughout the city of Cologne. Look forward to seeing our city’s proud landmark, Cologne Cathedral with its 160m-high towers. In the city centre, some of the most popular museums include the Roman-Germanic Museum with exhibits from early history as well as the Ludwig Museum with a sophisticated selection of modern art. Have a day of adventure with our furry friends at Cologne Zoo with its large elephant park and tropical forest house.

Augustusberg and Falkenlust castles

Augustburg and Falkenlust castles in Brühl are shining examples of Baroque and Rococo architecture in Germany. These magnificent buildings, surrounded by extensive parkland, are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Augustusburg near the H+ Hotel Köln Brühl - Official website

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