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Attractive surroundings and good transport links

Brühl is a regional culture hub with two UNESCO World Heritage palaces and attractive museums. Further attractions include the Ville nature reserve and lakes, and the “Phantasialand” amusement park, promising relaxation or entertainment accordingly. The H+ Hotel Köln Brühl is approximately ten minutes south-west of Brühl town centre by car. The hotel enjoys a quiet, yet well-connected location: The “Brühl Süd” S-Bahn station is just ten minutes’ walk from the hotel. From here it’s just half an hour to the centre of Cologne and to the main train station in Bonn. Cologne and Bonn are both around half an hour’s drive away, and the hotel offers free parking.

Augustusburg - H+ Hotel Köln Brühl - Official website


The hotel also has two UNESCO World Heritage sites on its doorstep in the form of the Augustusburg and Falkenlust Palaces. Linked by an avenue, the two palaces form a harmonious ensemble together with the baroque gardens and the protected palace park. Augustusburg Palace was formerly a hunting lodge and summer residence for electoral princes, and still makes an impression today with its parade rooms and imposing staircase. Modelled on the Amalienburg in Munich, Falkenlust Palace was used as a base for falconry, which was extremely popular at the time. It is approximately 20 minutes’ walk from the H+ Hotel Köln Brühl.

Not far from here lies the Max-Ernst Museum Brühl, run by the LVR (Landschaftsverband Rheinland, or Rhineland Regional Association). It was established here in the artist’s birthplace in 2005. The exhibition covers the approximately seventy years that the artist was producing work, from his Dadaist activities and his involvement with the Surrealist movement in France, to his years in exile in the USA and his return to Europe in 1953. 

At the heart of the exhibition are the 36 “D-paintings” he gave to his wife, Dorothea Tanning. In addition, over 700 photos offer images of the artist’s life. The Max Ernst Museum is approximately seven minutes’ drive from the H+ Hotel Köln Brühl

Max-Ernst Museum - H+ Hotel Köln Brühl - Official website
Römisch-Germanische Museum - H+ Hotel Köln Brühl - Official website

Exhibitions in the Roman-Germanic Museum

Also worth a visit is the Roman Germanic Museum (RGM) in Cologne. This archaeological museum deals with prehistory, as well as the Roman and Frankish eras. A modern presentation concept with themed areas and multi-media presentations help to bring the history of Cologne’s settlement to life for visitors. Finds from the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age as well as testimonies from ancient times create an image of the city as it used to be, and give an insight into daily life at the time. The RGM in Cologne is approximately a 35-minute drive from the H+ Hotel Köln Brühl.

The “Flora” is both Cologne’s botanical garden, inaugurated in 1864, and the name of the palace-style building located therein. The historical spirit of the garden combines landscape elements from throughout Europe into one overall work: The parterre between the main entrance and the palm house is based on French Baroque, the waterfall was inspired by Italian Renaissance gardens, the pond corresponds to the idyllic image of German Romanticism, and the rest of the garden is landscaped in the English style. 

The “Flora” is home to more than 10,000 species of plant, which are grown in various vegetation zones outdoors and in the garden’s greenhouses. It is approximately 35 minutes’ drive from the H+ Hotel Köln Brühl.

Botanical garden near the H+ Hotel Köln Brühl - Official website

Botanical garden

Groß St. Martin - H+ Hotel Köln Brühl - Official website

"Groß St. Martin"

Contained within Cologne’s ancient city walls are no less than twelve Romanesque collegiate churches and abbeys, which are among the most important church buildings in Western Europe. The church of “Groß St. Martin” has characterised the old town since the 12th century. It stands on 2,000 year-old foundations which were originally part of a bathing complex for Roman soldiers. Today, they can be seen inside the church. 

The bad design of the overloaded crossing tower meant that it required repeated repairs, finally being strengthened with steel after the Second World War. It is approximately 35 minutes’ drive from the H+ Hotel Köln Brühl.

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