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Discover the sights starting from the H+ Hotel Lübeck

Go for a walk all around the city and discover the majestic Lübeck Cathedral, a fascinating brick cathedral whose two soaring towers can be seen from far away. The Kolosseum concert hall and the Holstentor [Holsten Gate] border the historic old town and are key landmarks in this metropolis in Schleswig-Holstein.

Holstentor - H+ Hotel Lübeck


The Holsten Gate with its two round towers is probably Lübeck’s most famous landmark. Built in 1478 and originally part of the medieval fortifications, it now houses the city museum with interesting displays on the history of the Hanseatic city.

Excursions from the H+ Hotel Lübeck

Just outside the city you can enjoy the traditional charm of the old fishing village of Gothmund. It is peppered with picturesque thatched cottages and there is a hidden harbour in the reeds. From our H+ Hotel Lübeck you can easily reach the idyllic holiday resorts along the Baltic Coast such as Timmendorf Beach and Travemünde. Other destinations for eventful day trips include the state capital of Kiel, the Baltic Sea coastal resort of Laboe with its naval memorial and the port metropolis of Wismar and Stralsund in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. 

If you are on holiday by the Baltic Sea, and you would like a soothing massage, a relaxing trip to the sauna, or some time in a sub-tropical bathing area, then we highly recommend that you visit the Ostsee Therme wellness centre.

Beach near Lübeck - H+ Hotel Lübeck - Official website

Beach at Travemünde

Hansa Park - H+ Hotel Lübeck

Hansa Park

Families with children can have a day full of thrills at Hansa Park, which is located 28km away. Soar to dizzying heights on roller coasters or plummet to the depths and get drenched on the water ride. Younger guests can enjoy Dr. Livingstone’s Safari Flight, travel on the Indian River or ride on the Pony Post, all without their parents.

Spend a day in one of Lübeck’s many museums. With the help of chronological illustrations, the Willy Brandt House in Lübeck informs visitors about the politician’s eventful life. Interesting tours are also offered and entry is free. The Museum of Theatre Puppets also has exhibitions featuring amusing puppets, colourfully painted hurdy-gurdys and wooden dolls.

Lübeck - H+ Hotel Lübeck - Official website

Lots of museums in Lübeck

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