Peaceful location on the edge of the forest, yet with good transport links - H+ Hotel Nürnberg - Official website

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Peaceful location on the edge of the forest, yet with good transport links

The H+ Hotel Nürnberg enjoys a peaceful location in the predominantly residential Altenfurt district of the city. It is approximately ten kilometres south-east of the city centre. The main train station and city centre are approximately 25 minutes away by S-Bahn, while the trade fair centre is around 20 minutes away. When arriving by car, the hotel is easily accessed via the A6 or the A9. The hotel has its own parking which is also suitable for coaches.

Imperial Castle in Nuremberg - H+ Hotel Nürnberg - Official website

Imperial Castle

Nuremberg Castle (Nürnberger Burg) is the city’s landmark, and consists of the Imperial Castle (Kaiserburg) and the Burgrave Castle (Burggrafenburg). The oldest parts date back to around the year 1000. The fortifications were rebuilt to their original design after the Second World War; today, they are one of the most important of their kind in Europe. From the castle, visitors can enjoy panoramic views over the old town. In addition to the castle itself, you can also take a guided tour of the rocky paths below. It is approximately 25 minutes’ drive from the H+ Hotel Nürnberg.

Located just below the Imperial Castle is Albrecht Dürer’s house, dating back to the 15th century. Dürer bought the four-storey half-timbered sandstone house in 1509. Although the house has changed hands more than 20 times over the years, it remains known as the “Dürerhaus”. In 1826, the city set up a memorial room inside the house. To celebrate the 500th anniversary of Dürer’s birth, an annex was added for exhibitions and a multivision show

In addition to faithfully reproduced living spaces, visitors can also see a painter’s studio complete with painting and printing tools.

Museum in the Albrecht-Dürer House - H+ Hotel Nürnberg - Official website
Schöner Brunnen in Nuremberg - H+ Hotel Nürnberg - Official website

"Schöner Brunnen" fountain

The “Schöner Brunnen” fountain is located on Hauptmarkt right next to Nuremberg’s town hall. It is 19 metres high and takes the form of a Gothic church spire. The original spire from 1396 was replaced in 1903 with a painted limestone copy. The forty figures adorning the fountain are drawn from the worlds of academia, religion, and secular power, and represent the world view of the Holy Roman Empire. The gargoyles represent the Seven Deadly Sins. 

According to legend, it is good luck to touch the rotatable rings in the well’s grid. It is approximately half an hour by bus and U-Bahn from the H+ Hotel Nürnberg.

Just a few steps further on, above Hauptmarkt, is the Church of St. Sebald, known locally as the Sebalduskirche. It was built between 1225 and 1273 as a pillared basilica for a double choir. The building, partly based on Bamberg Cathedral, is characterised by Romanesque and Gothic elements. The opulent interior, for the most part pre-Reformation art, is still impressive today. Of particular interest is the tomb of St. Sebald, the city’s patron saint. His remains rest in a silver shrine, housed in a magnificent bronze case inside the church since the 15th century.

Sebaldus church - H+ Hotel Nürnberg - Official website
Sebaldus church
Nuremberg Zoo - H+ Hotel Nürnberg - Official website

Tropical hall at the Nuremberg Zoo

Spread out over 65 hectares, Nuremberg Zoo (Tiergarten Nürnberg) is one of Europe’s largest landscaped zoos. It consists of forest and meadow landscapes with ponds and former quarries which have been converted into natural enclosures. The large gorilla enclosure, the aqua park, and the tropical hall are particularly impressive. Another special feature is the dolphinarium with saltwater lagoon, opened in 1971, where shows are put on for the public.

A replica of the “Adler”, Germany’s first train which ran from Nuremberg to Führt, takes visitors through the zoo’s grounds. It is approximately 20 minutes’ drive from the H+ Hotel Nürnberg.

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