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Other sights of the city

Vienna is a city rich in cultural gems, art and monuments with countless attractions. If you have visited Stephansdom, had a ride on the Ferris wheel in the Prater and have admired the impressive grounds of the Hofburg, you can also explore the other sights of Vienna from H+ Hotel Wien. For example, be amazed by the Vienna Secession, which features art nouveau art and whose building with its gold ball of leaves is a work of art itself.

Hundertwasserhaus - H+ Hotel Wien - Official website


Also, visit the Hundertwasserhaus in the Kegelgasse district. The unusual and vibrant house, which was designed by the Austrian artist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser, has lots of lush greenery. There are over 250 trees and shrubs growing on the roof, the balconies and other open spaces. In addition to 25 flats, there is also a café and a shop in the house. There is lots of gold and baroque splendour awaiting you in Karlskirche on the southern ring.

The church, which dates back to the first half of the 18th century, is one of Vienna’s landmarks and is one of the most famous buildings north of the Alps. The magnificent and imperial extensive grounds of the Schönbrunn Palace are also well worth a visit.

Schönbrunn is the biggest palace in Austria and was converted to a baroque residence during the reign of Empress Maria Theresia. The 1,441 rooms, a royal court of more than one hundred people and a park measuring 160 hectares are symbols of imperial power. In the park, there is also the Schönbrunn Zoo, the oldest zoo in the world. The palace itself is now a museum which you can go and visit.

Schönbrunn Palace - H+ Hotel Wien - Official website

Schönbrunn palace

Culinary discovery tour

Viennese coffee specialities - H+ Hotel Wien - Official website

Viennese coffee specialities

If you are in Vienna for several days, you should add a culinary discovery tour to your program. Whether a real Viennese Schnitzel or a hearty Tafelspitz (fillet of boiled beef), Kaiserschmarrn or Sacher Torte, herring salad or Krautfleckerl - you can try them all. During the blue hour, enjoy a romantic evening with a walk and then a glass of wine in one of the famous Heurigen (wine taverns) on the Grinzing. If you take a city break in Vienna, don’t forget the legendary Viennese Coffee House culture and make sure you have enough time to enjoy its specialities.

It’s not just about the Viennese coffee specialities such as a Wiener Melange, Einspänner or a Großen Braunen, but also about the whole culture: The Viennese Coffee House culture is part of the intangible World Cultural Heritage, and in Vienna there are over 1,100 cafés, around 1,000 espresso bars and more than 200 café-patisseries.

Order a coffee speciality in Café Central, Café Prückel or in Café Sperl and take the time to read the daily newspaper - as it should be. You can get pastries and cakes almost everywhere, the Buchteln (sweet rolls, normally with a filling) in Café Hawelka are particularly famous.

If the sun doesn’t shine - even better: Then you can dedicate your time to Vienna’s multifaceted museum landscape without feeling guilty about missing out on the sunshine. For example, the Art History and Natural History Museum, together with Maria-Theresia-Platz form an impressive ensemble next to the Hofburg, are well worth seeing. The Museum Quarter is in the immediate vicinity, where you will find the ZOOM Children’s Museum, the Kunsthalle Wien (art museum) and the Leopold Museum with works by Egon Schieles.

In the evenings, Vienna’s State Opera, the Burgtheater, the Theatre in Josefstadt and many other venues provide cultural enjoyment. Stay in the H+ Hotel Wien and experience the unique culture metropolis with all of its cultural charm!

Natural History Museum in Vienna near the H+ Hotel Wien - Official website

Natural History Museum

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