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Equally close to nature and the city

The H+ Hotel Wiesbaden Niedernhausen is situated south of Niedernhausen, in the west of the Rhine-Taunus Natural Park. It is right beside the Rhine-Main theatre on the edge of the forest, very convenient for the A3 motorway. Frankfurt airport is just 20 minutes’ drive away and Frankfurt city centre is about half an hour away. It only takes about 30 minutes to get to Frankfurt from Niedernhausen on the S-Bahn tram. You will need about 20 minutes to drive to Wiesbaden.

Theisstalbrücke - H+ Hotel Wiesbaden Niedernhausen - Official website

You can also visit the main landmark in the region, the Theisstalbrücke bridge. The bridge was built between 1937 and 1939. It shapes the image of the city, and is 507 metres long, and 46 metres high. It spans the Theisstal Valley with 16 equally-proportioned arches. The bridge was the first real motorway bridge and is a major connection on the A3 motorway between Frankfurt and Cologne.

The structure, which is a listed monument, has a steel-reinforced core and is clad with reddish melaphyre stone. In the 1970’s, a new re-inforced concrete bridge was built in parallel, which mirrors the dimensions of the old bridge, so that it does not damage the appearance of Niedernhausen. You can walk right to the bridge in half an hour through the woods from the H+ Hotel Wiesbaden Niedernhausen.

The protestant Johanniskirche church is the most precious historic building in the whole Niedernhausen area. It is not known exactly when it was founded, but there was already an earlier building here when the rectory was founded around 1220, which probably dated back to Carolingian times around the year 800.

The simple building consists of a single-nave, flat-roofed church and a choir. The tower on the northern side features an underground vault. The current nave was probably built in the 15th century. The old tower did not receive its Welsh dome until the year 1790. You can drive here from the H+ Hotel Wiesbaden Niedernhausen in about ten minutes. 

Johannis church - H+ Hotel Wiesbaden Niedernhausen - Official website
Johannis church
Walking at the Rhine-Taunus park - H+ Hotel Wiesbaden Niedernhausen - Official website

Walking in the Rhine-Taunus Natural Park

The scenic, attractive Rhine-Taunus Natural Park extends over around 50 kilometres west of Niedernhausen, and offers a range of leisure options with around 600 kilometres of walking path. There are information routes, as well as play areas, meadows, campling areas and barbecue huts.

The UNSECO world heritage site of Upper-Germanic Rhaetian Limes can be found here, as well as the strange rock formations at the “Hohlen Stein”, the 580 metre high “Hallgarter Zange” viewing point, or the 220 square kilometres of pristine hinterland forest. This ancient forest is the largest area of woods not divided by major roads in Hesse, and is particularly rich in bio-diversity. You can drive to the park office and the reconstructed Limes sentry posts in ten minutes from the H+ Hotel Wiesbaden Niedernhausen. 

According to the emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II, Wiesbaden “Kurhaus” or spa-house is the “most beautiful spa in the world”. It was built for six million  Goldmarks between 1905 and 1907, in the Neo-classical style with art nouveau influences, and houses two ballrooms and a restaurant.

The “Bowling Green” is also part of the complex, a square, green area with two cascade fountains framed by the Spa House, the Spa House colonnades - the longest of its kind in Europe - and the theatre colonnades of the Hesse State Theatre. The Kurpark, or Spa Park, starts behind the Spa House, with fountains, mature trees, works of art and monuments. You can drive here in around 20 minutes from the H+ Hotel Wiesbaden Niedernhausen.

Kurhaus - H+ Hotel Wiesbaden Niedernhausen - Official website

Kurhaus at night

Climbing forest - H+ Hotel Wiesbaden Niedernhausen - Official website

Climbing at the high-wire climbing

The 245-metre high Neroberg Hill near Wiesbaden is a popular attraction. If you want to get to the top, you can opt for the Neroberg railway, which was built in 1888. Once you’re up, you can enjoy the City Vineyard, or the Russian Church with its golden dome and adjoining cemetery. From the little temple, you have glorious views of the city and the Rhine. Today, there is a restaurant with beer garden in the tower of the former Neroberg Hotel.

Sporty holiday-makers will also find one of Germany’s best high-wire climbing centres on the Neroberg, which offers twelve courses ranging from “easy” to “very challenging” between old oak and beech trees. You will need about 25 minutes to drive here from the H+ Hotel Wiesbaden Niedernhausen.

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