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Fully equipped rooms to suit every purpose

The majority of the events space in the H+ Hotel Zürich is located on the ground floor. Here, there are 4 meeting rooms of various sizes. A further meeting room is located on the hotel’s first floor. 

The meeting rooms in the H+ Hotel Zürich are between 15 and 49 square metres in size, and depending on seating can accommodate anything from 8 to 48 people. Two of the rooms can be combined to create a space with capacity for up to 80 people.

Inside the meetings area of the H+ Hotel Zürich - Official website

Conference room

Modern meeting rooms at the H+ Hotel Zürich - Offcial website

Modern technique at the meeting rooms

All the meeting rooms in the H+ Hotel Zürich enjoy natural daylight, but can of course be darkened if required. The basic equipment also includes WiFi Internet access, sub-floor tanks with electricity sockets and network connections, as well as presentation and communications technology. This includes, for example, pinboards, screens, projectors, and DVD players.

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Meeting room plan from H+ Hotel Zürich

Location plan of the premises for meetings at the H+ Hotel Zürich - Official website

Details of the meeting rooms

BL = Block U = U-shape P = Parliament C = Cinema Ba = Banquet DL = Daylight DD = Darkening devices
Rooms Length Width Area Height BL U P C Ba DL DD Floor
Enzian 6,30 m 7,80 m 49,00 m² 2,60 m 24 20 24 40 32 yes yes 0
Edelweiss 7,30 m 6,30 m 46,00 m² 2,60 m 18 16 20 30 24 yes yes 0
Alpenrose 3,00 m 5,00 m 15,00 m² 2,60 m 10 8 - 16 - yes yes 0
Krokus „Wintergarten“ 4,50 m 5,50 m 24,00 m² 2,60 m 16 16 - 20 16 yes yes 0
Combinations Length Width Area Height BL U P C Ba DL DD Floor
Enzian + Edelweiss 6,30 m 15,10 m 95,00 m² 2,60 m 46 40 60 80 60 yes yes 0
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