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Hygiene standards at

Dear Guests, 

We very much look forward to finally welcoming you at our hotels again. The health and well-being of our guests and employees has always been the top priority for 

To prevent the coronavirus from spreading further, we must still take the appropriate precautionary measures. As such, we have made it our goal to offer you and our employees a safe, legally compliant environment in our hotels at all times. To that end, we would now like to give you an overview of a series of extended hygiene and precautionary measures that we have introduced. 

We please ask that you also follow these rules and thank you for your support. We wish you a pleasant stay with us.

Stay healthy,  

The team at – Hygiene standards

Hygiene in the restaurant and banquet areas

In all restaurants and bar areas, we will maintain the applicable minimum distance of 1.5 meters between tables and chairs.  Furthermore, we will ensure that the maximum capacity of the restaurant areas is not exceeded. To that end, the appropriate warning signs for the distance rule will also be installed.  

All sales and service desks will be equipped with a Plexiglas divider to give you and our employees the best-possible protection. Naturally, all service employees will always wear gloves as well as mouth and nose protection. 

All work equipment and surfaces will be properly cleaned and disinfected on a regular/hourly basis. Our employees will document the disinfection and cleaning measures.  

In our conference areas, our employees will ensure that the required distance rules and the consequential maximum possible occupancy numbers are observed. Disinfectants and wipes will be available in the meeting rooms. Furthermore, the breaks for the different events will be coordinated so that the maximum number of persons in the break room is not exceeded. 

If you use room service, the service employee will place the tray or the cart in front of the room door. Once you have consumed your meal, please inform the front desk and place the tray or cart in front of the door again for pick-up.

Hygiene in the restaurant and banquet areas

Public areas, guest rooms and lifts

Public areas, guest rooms and lifts

The reception areas are fitted with a Perspex screen to provide both you and our staff with the best possible protection. All service staff wear gloves at all times, as well as face masks. Sanitiser dispensers are available in all public areas.  .  

All public areas, such as the WCs, lifts, stair rails, doors, chairs, luggage carts and car park pay machines are cleaned and disinfected on an hourly basis. In the Business Corners, the surfaces and all work equipment at the workstations are likewise cleaned and disinfected on an hourly basis. 

The applicable distancing regulations and the maximum occupancy number will also be observed in the Executive Lounges. All surfaces and WCs are cleaned on an hourly basis.

In the guests rooms we will be dispensing with the use of unnecessary decorative objects until further notice, e.g. decorative cushions and advertising materials such as magazines etc.  

A 1.5 m social distancing rule also applies in the lifts. If this minimum distance cannot be adhered to, then the wearing of face masks is mandatory.

Disinfection standard

electrostatic vapor machines

To optimally disinfect all rooms and surfaces, we will use new technologies such as electrostatic vapor machines. These sprayers enable fast, easy and thorough disinfection of all surfaces, from the lobby to the gym. Unlike manual surface disinfection, it also reaches difficult-to-access areas and fabrics and kills airborne germs. In addition, they can be used without requiring safety measures, and the rooms can continue to be used right away. The environmentally friendly disinfectant that it uses is also utilized in clinics.

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