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Ideal for a visit to the trade fair or a stroll through the town

The Hyperion Hotel München is situated to the east of the city centre not far beyond the Prinzregentenstadion and the Prinzregententheater. Being just four kilometres from Marienplatz in the old city centre makes the Hotel appealing for sightseers. Proximity to the trade fair makes it perfect for business travellers: You can reach the trade fair in less than ten minutes by car via the A 94 which starts near the hotel.

Frauenkirche in Munich - Hyperion Hotel München - Official website

“Frauenkirche” in Munich

From the central train station you can travel to the Hotel by tram in about 15 minutes. From the airport it will take you about 30 minutes by S-Bahn. There are over 130 car parking spaces available at Hyperion Hotel München.

If you go for a stroll around the city during your stay in Munich, you will be sure to come across the striking “Frauenkirche”. With its two towers that are almost one hundred metres high, the “Frauenkirche” is one of the landmarks of the city. The towers have a square base, are octagonal at the top and are crowned with a spherical roof, so-called “Welsche Hauben”. The three-nave brick building is 109 metres long. 

The rows of columns from the main portal look like walls supporting the star vault of the main nave. Stand in the place where the devil supposedly left behind his footprint and you will make an amazing discovery! You can reach the old city in around 15 minutes by car from the Hyperion Hotel München.

The Bavarian Duke Wilhelm V gave the order to build a “Hofbräuhaus” to the supply the “Wittelsbacher Hof” in 1589. The famous Munich “Hofbräuhaus” has stood at “Am Platzl” since then; however, nowadays there is no longer a brewery inside. The most famous part of the beer palace is the so-called “Schwemme” on the ground floor where there is space for around a thousand people at the wooden tables. Regulars keep their personal beer mugs on corresponding shelves. 

The impressive celebration hall and the other traditional halls await a further 2,500 guests on the upper floor. You can reach the “Hofbräuhaus” in around 15 minutes by car from the Hyperion Hotel München. With 375 acres, the English Garden is one of the largest parks in the world. One of the first gardens that anyone was allowed access to was created here in 1789 when Carl Theodor set out the “Volkspark”. 78 kilometres of paths range through the recreation park on the Isar river which, to this day, has not lost any of its beauty. 

Residents of Munich and guests alike can enjoy sunbathing areas, bridges, streams and sculptures, admire the “Japanisches Teehaus”, the “Monopteros” or the “Chinesischer Turm” and treat themselves to a freshly pulled beer in the beer garden. You can reach the “Englischer Garten” in less than 10 minutes by car from the Hyperion Hotel München.

English Garden - Hyperion Hotel München - Official website

English Garden

Neue Pinakothek - Hyperion Hotel München - Official website

"Neue Pinakothek"

The official name of the “Deutsches Museum” is the “Deutsches Museum von Meisterwerken der Naturwissenschaft und Technik” which translates to German museum of masterpieces in science and technology. The museum on the Isar island the world's largest museum of science and technology and presented around 28,000 exhibits from 50 fields of science and technology. Using selected examples, lay people are taught here in a comprehensible manner about phenomena and developments in science and technology. Travelling here from the Hyperion Hotel München takes approximately 15 minutes by car.

The “Neue Pinakothek”, which opened in 1853, was at the time the first collection of “modern” art. It showcases European art from the 18th and 19th century and therefore forms a connections between the old masterpieces on display in the “Alte Pinakothek” and the art from the 20th and 21st century being shown in the “Pinakothek der Moderne”. 

From the Enlightenment to the beginning of modern era, from Classicism and Romanticism to Impressionism and Art Nouveau, there are works on show here by renowned artists such as Goya and David Liebermann, Böcklin, Rodin and Cezanne, to Klimt and Schiele. You can reach the “Neue Pinakothek” in around 15 minutes by car from the Hyperion Hotel München.

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