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Ideal for hiking and skiing

The region around Oberstaufen is ideal for hiking and skiing. Take the cable car to the top of the Hochgrat mountain, part of the Nagelfluhkette Nature Park. Experienced Alpine climbers ascend the 1,833 metre high peak on foot. Enjoy magnificent views extending as far as Lake Constance and the Zugspitze mountain. Cable cars also provide transport to the Imberg and Hündle peaks.

Buchenegger Waterfalls - Königshof Health & View Oberstaufen

Buchenegger Waterfalls

The Buchenegger Waterfalls are another attractive destination. Start your excursion at the hiking parking area in Oberstaufen-Steibis, five minutes´ drive from Königshof Health & View Oberstaufen. If you prefer a more gentle walk, go along a forest nature trail past the Alpe Neugreuth, which is less demanding than the route above. Watch people jumping into the water beneath the falls in summer, a tradition called "Gumpenspringen" by the locals, and in winter, see the waterfalls transformed into bizarrely shaped icicles.

The Eistobel is another of the many natural spectacles the Allgäu has to offer. The Eistobel is a 3 kilometre-long gorge extending from the town of Schüttentobel to the Argentobel bridge. Your walk takes you along the Obere Argen river, forming small and large eddies and waterfalls in several cascades. The river descends 70 metres in altitude along this route. 130 metre high cliffs tower over the Eistobel gorge, rendering the landscape even more impressive. 

The waterfalls freeze up in frosty winters - frequently for several weeks´ at a time - giving the gorge its name. There are several well signposted hiking paths through the Eistobel. The journey from Königshof Health & View Oberstaufen to the nothern gorge entrance takes around 20 minutes.

Around 10 minutes´ drive from Königshof Health & View Oberstaufen, discover the Große Alpsee during your Oberstaufen activity holiday, taking part in hikes, cycling, swimming and water sports. One popular destination is the Alpsee Bergwelt, the adventure mountain in the Allgäu region.

Schedule one hour for the ascent, or take the more leisurely option by cable car. There´s something for everyone - Germany´s longest all-season toboggan run - the "Alpsee Coaster" - winter fun on two natural toboggan runs, or an idyllic circular hike. The "Kletterwald Bärenfalle" is one of the main attractions. It is Bavaria´s largest high rope course. Action-packed adventures await you on seven routes at different levels. The highest course is 20 metres high and can be reached by cable car.

Großer Alpsee - Königshof Health & View Oberstaufen

Große Alpsee

Lindau at Lake Constance - Königshof Health & View Oberstaufen

Lindau at Lake Constance

Lake Constance is just a stone´s throw away from Oberstaufen - in a scenic setting next to the Allgäu Alps. The Austrian city of Bregenz is only 35 kilometres distant, or approx. 45 minutes from Königshof Health & View Oberstaufen by car. Bregenz is famous for its open-air opera festivals, performed each summer against the picturesque lakeside backdrop. 

Take in a bird´s eye view of Bregenz after climbing up the 1,064 metre high Pfänder mountain, the city´s local peak. A cable car takes you up to the top. Lindau, situated on Lake Constance, is only a short distance away. The lighthouse and Lindau´s landmark symbol, the Bavarian lion at the harbour entrance are well worth viewing. Stroll through the picturesque Old Town on the island, savouring the Mediterranean like flair of Lindau on Lake Constance.

If you choose to spend your Allgäu holiday in autumn, you can see some centuries-old traditions. In September, one of the most popular events in Oberstaufen takes place Driving Cattle Down from the Mountains, known as the "Viehschied" festival: cows are brought back down into their sheds after spending the summer months on mountain meadows. Tinkling cowbells can be heard from a great distance away. Around 2,000 cows, some decorated with flower garlands, are led in a procession through the town. 

This cattle driving tradition is a very popular folk festival. Food and drink are on offer, as well as live music in the festival tent - cowbells are traditionally given as lottery prizes during the event. A shuttle bus transports you between Oberstaufen railway station and the festival tent. The bus stop is around 15 minutes´ walk from Königshof Health & View Oberstaufen.

Allgäu Panorama - Königshof Health & View Oberstaufen

Allgäu Panorama

As a guest in our Health centre in Oberstaufen, you will receive the Allgäu Walser Card upon arrival. Thus, you receive numerous discounts and benefits, such as reduced admission to about 200 recreational facilities or discounted parking. Long waiting times at the mountain railroads are also bypassed. Look forward to a vacation full of discounts and attractions.

Places of interest near the Königshof Health & View Oberstaufen

Buchenegger waterfalls - Königshof Health & View Oberstaufen

Buchenegger waterfalls

Excursion destination of a special kind

Start your five-kilometer hiking tour from Königshof Health & View Oberstaufen to the beautiful Buchenegg waterfalls or drive comfortably to the parking lot outside of the village. From there you only have to walk a short distance of approx. 500 meters until the waterfall is within sight. Imposing rock formations, turquoise blue, clear water and pristine nature will become an unforgettable experience. 

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Skywalk - Königshof Health & View Oberstaufen

Skywalk nature adventure park

Fun for the whole family

Discover the Allgäu at a height of over 15 meters from the bird's eye view on the Skywalk Baumkronenweg. You can enjoy the spectacular view from here. But you can also explore a barefoot path and in addition to that, several playgrounds invite you to play with other kids. From Königshof Health & View Oberstaufen it is only a 30 minute drive to the Skywalk Naturerlebnispark.

Hiking around Oberstaufen - Königshof Health & View Oberstaufen

Hiking around Oberstaufen

The nature park Nagelfluhkette

Whether a guided tour or a hiking trip on your own - thanks to the dense network of hiking trails, tourists can plan their routes through the beautiful Alpine foothills individually. After a healthy breakfast in the Königshof Health & View Oberstaufen you can start your trip to the nature park Nagelfluhkette. It is the largest contiguous alpine area in Germany with the 1834 meter high ridge. Become a summiteer yourself.

Viehscheid festival - Königshof Health & View Oberstaufen

Traditional Viehscheid festival

Experience Bavarian culture

After around 100 days on lush alpine meadows, the shepherds move with their cows into the valley where the animals are staying during the winter season. The traditional Viehscheid heralds the end of mountain summer with a lavish festival that you should not miss while you are staying at the Königshof Health & View Oberstaufen. If a cow adorned with flowers and other jewelry leads her herd, it’s a signal that all animals have returned safely from the pasture.

Eistobel nature reserve - Königshof Health & View Oberstaufen

Eistobel conservation area

Canyon between Oberstaufen and Isny

Thundering waterfalls cascade down the gorge and form a bizarre ice landscape in winter, which gave the Eisobel its name. On a secured path, visitors can cross the imposing gorge and get a very special insight into different geological ages thanks to the rocks, which are up to 130 meters high. Due to its unique and rare flora and fauna, the Eistobel is a nature reserve and is only a 20-minute drive away from the Königshof Health & View Oberstaufen.

Castle Neuschwanstein - Königshof Health & View Oberstaufen

Neuschwanstein Castle

Famous fairytale castle

The architecture of this special castle not only amazes princess fans and is one of the most popular sights and photo sceneries for tourists from all over the world. The design of Disney's Cinderella Castle was inspired by this magnificent 19th-century building. This might be the reason why Neuschwanstein Castle seems particularly enchanted. But it's not just an eye-catcher from the outside - the walls and especially the richly painted throne room and the singing hall are worth seeing. Neuschwanstein Castle is only a one-hour drive away from the Königshof Health & View Oberstaufen. 

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