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4-start hotel with every possible comfort

The wheelchair-accessible RAMADA Hotel Magdeburg awaits in the leafy suburb of Sudenburg, with 243 comfortable guest rooms and suites, a restaurant and bar with a garden terrace, a wellness and fitness area with lagoon pool, plus professional meeting facilities. Free parking is available.

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High standards in all rooms

The 243 guest rooms in the RAMADA Hotel Magdeburg are divided into single, double and twin rooms plus suites which are also suitable for families. You can also choose between smoking and non-smoking rooms. Extra beds are available. You can use the lifts to get to all rooms, and three rooms are specially adapted for wheelchairs. Wifi and Sky TV are free.


In the south-west of Magdeburg with great transport links

The RAMADA Hotel Magdeburg, south-west of the centre of Magdeburg has great connections to the A14 and the city centre, which you can get to in around a quarter of an hour. As part of the “Hansapark”, it is situated in the green suburb of Sudenburg, and is surrounded by a garden with a lake. You can park for free at the hotel.

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“A hotel where you feel good”

According to our guest reviews, the RAMADA Hotel Magdeburg is “a pleasant, clean hotel” with “a really good atmosphere”. “Very friendly staff” and an “outstanding breakfast” play their part, as well as the “lovely” wellness area with the pool, and the service on the garden terrace.

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Stay 2 Nights & Save - Magdeburg
3 days in Magdeburg

Stay 2 Nights & Save  - including breakfast buffet - our special deal for you in Magdeburg.

  • RAMADA Hotel Magdeburg
  • 2 nights including a varied breakfast buffet 
  • bookable from 1 person
Best price guaranteed
37.78 €
Price per person & night
Stay 3 Nights & Save - Magdeburg
4 days in Magdeburg

Stay 3 Nights & Save  - including breakfast buffet - our special deal for you in Magdeburg.

  • RAMADA Hotel Magdeburg
  • 3 nights including a varied breakfast buffet 
  • bookable from 1 person
Best price guaranteed
35.56 €
Price per person & night

Magdeburg Cathedral - magnificent Gothic structure

Magdeburg Dom, or cathedral, was built between 1209 and 1520, and is one of the few Gothic cathedrals in Germany which was fully completed during the Middle Ages. The old columns and the grave of Emperor Otto I are well worth seeing. The tram journey from the RAMADA Hotel Magdeburg to the “Domplatz” stop takes around 12 minutes.

“Unser Lieben Frauen” abbey - ancient walls, modern art

The abbey Unser Lieben Frauen (Our Dear Lady), dating from the 11th century, is one of the most important Romanesque buildings in Germany, and houses the city art museum. As well as the columned basilica with crypt and cloister, you can also admire modern works of art here. It takes a good ten minutes to drive here from the RAMADA Hotel Magdeburg.

The green citadel of Magdeburg - Life according to Hundertwasser

The “Green citadel of Magdeburg”, by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, was completed in 2005. There are apartments, shops, restaurants and a theatre. The grass-covered rooftops, and the trees on, in and around the buildings led to the name. It takes about 13 minutes to get here by tram from the RAMADA Hotel Magdeburg.

Magdeburg aqueduct with ship hoist mechanism

As Europe’s largest steel structure, the Magdeburg aqueduct really is an inland water structure of superlatives. It comprises the trough bridge of the Mittelland canal over the Elbe, several locks and the Rothensee ship hoist. You will need about 20 minutes to drive here from the RAMADA Hotel Magdeburg.

Jahrtausendturm – experience science

The Jahrtausendturm (Millennium Tower) was built for the national garden show in 1999, and is the world’s tallest structure built from laminated wood. The lopsided tower houses an exhibition on the development of science from the early high-cultures to modern research. From the RAMADA Hotel Magdeburg to here takes about a quarter of an hour by car.

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