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Logo VCW - Gaumenfreund - Official website

"Since 2015, Gaumenfreund has been our catering partner at our home games in the sports hall at the Platz der Deutschen Einheit. With their culinary expertise, the Gaumenfreund team provides many satisfied faces for our up to 2,100 spectators and our VIP guests. We are absolutely enthusiastic about the quality of the food. In addition, we very much appreciate the personal support in the partnership as well as the great flexibility in the cooperation"

Logo ESWE Verkehr - Gaumenfreund - Official website

"In the summer of 2016, we commissioned Gaumenfreund with the catering of an exclusive corporate event with 130 guests. From the initial planning discussion to the end of the event, we were always given detailed advice and expert support. The entire Gaumenfreund team has significantly contributed to the success of our event with their know-how and brilliant creativity. Our guests and we will remember this evening with pleasure. We thank the Gaumenfreund team and are already looking forward to the next joint event."

Logo: Mertes, Lauff und Partner

"On 25 August 2017, you organised a summer party in the courtyard of our law firm in Wiesbaden. As well as food and drink, you provided a complete service for our nearly 200 guests. Your staff delivered a very well-prepared event at our premises with the utmost professionalism and friendliness."

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Referenz Stadt Goslar - Gaumenfreund by

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