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Quietly located in the peaceful Landau

The Hotel Brunnenhaus Schloss Landau is part of the Landau Castle complex at Bad Arolsen, which stretches to the edge of the landmark-protected half-timbered old city with the corresponding park. Landau can be reached by car via the B 450 from Bad Arolsen or from Kassel. The castle complex is located in the north of the old city, and you can park your car in one of the parking spaces at the hotel. Anyone travelling to Bad Arolsen by train can take the bus from here and will get to Landau in less than half an hour.

Landau Castle - Hotel Brunnenhaus Schloss Landau - Official website

Landau Castle

Landau Castle

A first tip for a visit from the Hotel Brunnenhaus Schloss Landau would be the Landau Castle itself. With roots from the 13th century, and several alterations made in the 14th, 16th and 17th centuries, it has a long history. At the time of Christian, Count of Waldeck, apart from the Castle Lord himself and his second wife all his 25 children from his first and second marriages lived here after 1680. 

After 1828, the castle was rented out and used as a dairy, farmer college and from 1948 to 2012 as a retirement and nursing home. Since the recent renovation, the castle houses private rooms as well as a prestigious hall with a medieval vaulted ceiling for events and weddings. The castle park with the historical fountain, the orchard and the “therapy and sense garden” designed in 1999 is open to the public.

Arolsen Castle

Arolsen Castle is a baroque building modelled on the Palace of Versailles. Surrounded by an English garden containing an orangery, a plant nursery and a riding hall, it welcomes visitors with a museum and magnificent facilities. Take part in a guided tour and prepare to be impressed by the stucco works and ceiling paintings in the halls, the stairwell and the richly decorated living spaces. You can travel here from the Hotel Brunnenhaus Schloss Landau in around ten minutes by car.

Arolsen Castle - Hotel Brunnenhaus Schloss Landau - Official website

Arolsen Castle

Edersee - Hotel Brunnenhaus Schloss Landau - Official website



The Edersee is located approximately 30 kilometres south of Landau and the Hotel Brunnenhaus Schloss Landau and can be reached in half an hour by car. As a popular recreation area, the surrounding national park is an inviting location for walks and bike rides, while the swimming spots on the shores of the lake lure for swimming, sailing, surfing and boat trips. The remains of the Berich village at Waldeck are interesting for divers. In addition, excursions by boat are possible, and you will be well cared for at the cafés and restaurants around the lake.


The ruins of the “Kugelsburg” on the 270-metre high “Kugelsberg” mountain are the landmark of the town of Volkmarsen. The tower from the 13th century and the round keep are still almost completely preserved. Large parts of the ring wall are still standing, the “Hexenkeller” from the great hall, the walls of the ground floor and upper floor and the stair tower are all still in place. Air shows with eagles and falcons are displayed here at the weekend. There is also a café at the castle which you can reach from the Hotel Brunnenhaus Schloss Landau in 15 minutes by car.

Kugelsburg - Hotel Brunnenhaus Schloss Landau - Official website


Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe - Hotel Brunnenhaus Schloss Landau - Official website

“Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe”

“Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe”

The “Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe”, which was created from 1696 on the slope of the “Habichtswald”, in Kassel is the largest mountain park in Europe and is a UNESCO world cultural heritage site. The unique mixture of English, Italian and French horticulture as well as romantic buildings such as the Löwenburg Castle is crowned by the 71-metre high statue of Hercules. From here you have a stunning view of the city and the fountains that cascade up to “Schloss Wilhelmshöhe”. You can travel here from the Hotel Brunnenhaus Schloss Landau in around 30 minutes by car.

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