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Landau between nature and culture

The Hotel Brunnenhaus Schloss Landau is quietly located in tranquil Landau and is the ideal location for exploring the surrounding natural landscapes and cultural heritage.

Kellerwald near the Hotel Brunnenhaus Schloss Landau - Official website

Kellerwald national park

The Kellerwald-Edersee National Park is a wonderful destination for a day trip to enjoy nature or for a long walk. The beech forests and the remains of the forest there are a UNESCO world heritage site. A section of the 68-kilometer long Edersee “Urwaldsteig” is particularly lovely for a day trip, while the similarly long, mostly tarmac, car-free Edersee cycle path is ideal for cyclists. Both routes go around the Edersee and run over the dam wall. The route can also be shortened by taking an excursion boat or one of the two ferries in Asel and Rehbach. Culture lovers can take a sightseeing tour through Kassel. Prepare to marvel here at the world cultural heritage site “Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe” and the “Schloss Wilhelmshöhe” there where the lovely "Galerie Alte Meister” is housed. The Fridericianum, which is the focus of the documenta every five years, exhibits contemporary art and various exhibitions.

Kellerwald national park

Impressive beeches, mighty oaks, ancient limes and stately maples, including small maiden pinks and 500 other ferns and flower species - a splendour that has helped parts of the Kellerwald-Edersee national park to be given the title of a UNESCO world heritage site. Explore it on foot along the 156-kilometre long “Kellerwaldsteig” or experience it from the top on a walk across the “TreeTopWalk”, the treetop path in Rehbach.

Between fairy-tale art and bathing lakes

Landau is surrounded by various landscapes. Take a trip on the “Diemelsee” or rent bikes and ride to the “Twistestausee”. As well as the beaches and attractive water sports, Golf Club Bad Arolsen also awaits you here. The German Fairy Tale Route passes nearby. Other sites can be quickly reached from the Hotel Brunnenhaus Schloss Landau, such as the Bergfreiheit Snow White village at Bad Wildungen, Waldeck, Gudensberg and Wolfhagen, and they provide an insight into the diversity of German fairy tale art. Kassel is also located on the Fairy Tale Route and awaits you with a special highlight: visit the “GRIMMWELT Kassel” here. The new museum presents exhibitions on the work and life of the Brothers Grimm, who became world famous through their collection of fairy tales and, with their dictionary, laid the foundations for the largest dictionary of the German language.


Immerse yourself in the world of fairy tales or learn amazing things about the German language. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm lived in Kassel for a long time, and the GRIMMWELT Kassel todays presents extensive exhibitions on the life and work of the two brothers. The children's and household tales, the German dictionary as well as the works of the politically active brothers are presented to visitors in 25 areas using interactive presentations and themed rooms.

Gebrüder Grimm - Hotel Brunnenhaus Schloss Landau - Official website

Brothers Grimm - Kassel

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