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Basel Trade Fair

Messe Basel is Switzerland's largest exhibition center, with events attracting millions of visitors every year. The HYPERION Hotel Basel impresses with its immediate proximity to this center of attraction. The hotel's convenient location also makes it attractive: it is less than a ten-minute walk from the Badischer Bahnhof train station, Basel Airport is just eight kilometers away and there are easy connections to the freeway. The city center is within easy walking distance.

Anyone visiting Basel should make time for the city's landmark. Basel Minster is characterized by its red sandstone, colourful bricks and slender towers. The church was built between 1019 and 1500 and features both Romanesque and Gothic elements. After the earthquake of 1356, parts had to be rebuilt, and in 1500 the south tower of St. Martin's - and with it the construction of the cathedral - was completed.

Sculptures in the water with fountains

Tinguely Fountain

It was supplemented in the 15th century by two cloisters, and the cathedral square with the canons' houses is also part of the overall picture. It is a 20-minute walk from the HYPERION Hotel Basel.

Where the city theater once stood, the Swiss artist Jean Tinguely had a shallow fountain basin filled with asphalt in 1977 to create playful machine sculptures. Electrically powered, they move like in a play: they spin, spray and hiss.

The Tinguely Fountain is also an eye-catcher in winter, when the water freezes into bizarre ice sculptures and the fountain master comes twice a day to inspect and knock the figures free. You can get here from the HYPERION Hotel Basel in ten minutes by streetcar.

Picture above: © Stadtmarketing Basel

Basel Zoo

Basel Zoo is the oldest large zoo in Switzerland. It was founded in 1874 and still has some historic animal houses today. It also boasts modern facilities such as the Africa enclosure, where hippos, zebras and ostriches live together as they would in the wild. The scenic grounds are home to around 500 animal species.

Breeding successes such as the one-horned rhinoceros and the pygmy hippopotamus have made the zoo famous far and wide. Around two million visitors come here every year. It takes about 15 minutes by streetcar from the HYPERION Hotel Basel to the zoo.

Group of five meerkats looking around

Art and culture

in Basel

Bis denn fliest no vill Wasser de Rhy derab.

In english: Until then, a lot of water still flows down the Rhine.
Swiss proverb
Ferris wheel at night in Basel


If you have chosen October as your travel time, then you should follow your nose and visit the popular and traditional autumn fair, where the smell of Rosekiechli, Magenbrot and roasted almonds delights the heart of the gourmet. For over 500 years, this has been an autumnal delight for locals and many guests from all over the world.

Whether it's the Basel Wine Fair, Hääfelimäärt or the many fairground rides on the Kasernenareal, anyone who wants to experience an entertaining autumn should travel to Basel in October. Many entertaining events await tourists, especially in the fall.

Couple looking at a series of photographs

Basel Art Museum

As the largest art museum in Switzerland and the oldest municipal art collection in the world, the Kunstmuseum Basel is an internationally renowned museum. The collection comprises around 4,000 paintings, sculptures and installations as well as 300,000 drawings and prints from seven centuries. The museum also has the world's largest collection of works by the Holbein family. It only takes around six minutes by streetcar from the HYPERION Hotel Basel to get here.

You can enjoy further art at the Museum of Contemporary Art or the Tinguely Museum. Basel also boasts over 30 other museums, such as the Museum of Antiquities, the Architecture Museum and the Natural History Museum.

Sunset on the Rhine with a view of Basel Minster

A time of beautiful pleasures

When the leaves turn colorful and the temperatures become milder, a trip to the autumnal city on the Rhine becomes an entertaining pleasure. Even a sightseeing tour through the city can be even more enjoyable now that the hot summer temperatures are over and the number of tourists is lower. Now you can enjoy the city in peace and take in the architecture without the crowds.

Augusta Raurica

archaeological park

Switzerland's largest archaeological park is located to the east of Basel. The Roman settlement of Augusta Raurica is considered to be the best-preserved Roman city north of the Alps. For example, a theater, a temple and the main forum with the Temple of Jupiter and basilica can be seen. Private commercial buildings such as a tavern and a pottery can also be seen.

Around 80 percent of the area is still unexplored. The most important excavation finds are exhibited in the associated Roman Museum August. From the HYPERION Hotel Basel, it takes about a quarter of an hour by car to reach the settlement.

Stone memorial plaques in Augusta Raurica

Fondation Beyeler

Father explains a picture to his daughter and points to it

Spacious exhibition rooms

A cultural highlight for art lovers and art enthusiasts can be found in the middle of an English park in Riehen, not far from Basel - the Museum Fondation Beyeler. Flooded with natural light, its spacious exhibition rooms with unique architecture house the collection of Ernst and Hildy Beyeler, comprising more than 300 works of classical modern and contemporary art. They established the Beyeler Foundation of the same name back in the 1980s.

It was important to the two art lovers to create a place of cultural education and interpersonal encounters that would arouse the interest of young people in particular.

View from behind of a violin being played by a violinist

Temporary exhibitions

Every year, in addition to its own collection, the museum presents three to four temporary exhibitions of contemporary artists on loan from many international museums and other private collections. The museum, designed by architect Renzo Piano and opened in 1997, has established itself over the years as the most visited art museum in Switzerland and also delights its visitors with other events such as concerts, dance performances, readings, film screenings and more.

The neighboring Villa Berower houses the restaurant belonging to the Fondation Beyeler with a view of the beautiful park - an extension to the museum in the neighboring Iselin-Weber-Park is already being planned.

From the hotel, you can easily reach the Fondation Beyeler museum in fifteen minutes by public transport or by car.

Art City Basel

The Swiss city can be the perfect destination for art and culture fans. Autumn in particular offers many opportunities, as there are always well-known artists presenting their works here. A trip to the city's art museum can help you discover artists from a wide range of artistic disciplines and their work.

But the Museum of Cultures and the other museums in Basel are also involved in making autumn in the city a cultural pleasure in a class of its own. A stroll along the Rhine and a visit to the most beautiful events, autumnal Basel is the ideal destination for anyone looking for a break from everyday life.

People sitting on a bench on the banks of the Rhine in Basel in autumn

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