Basel: The city with the most beautiful knee in Switzerland

Where French savoir-vivre meets German openness, Swiss sense of quality, Basel creativity and international flair, this is where the heart of Basel beats. The metropolis on the beautiful bend of the Rhine - where the waterway bends sharply towards the North Sea - is the charming cosmopolitan among Swiss cities. From the HYPERION Hotel Basel, you can see the entire panorama of this small cosmopolitan city: in the 105-metre-high Messeturm, you will be staying in one of the tallest inhabited buildings in Basel and right at the heart of the lively economic, cultural and city life.

Old Masters

and young savages

Basel thrives on its contrasts: State-of-the-art container ships sail past the medieval facades of the winding old town on the Rhine. Small-scale residential districts lie next to cosmopolitan port areas and ultra-modern buildings belonging to pharmaceutical companies. The creative subculture flourishes happily alongside a strong economy, the internationally renowned scientific community and the great masters of the national and international art world who flock here. The modern icons of the world's most important architects grow between the historic walls. All of this blends together in Basel to create an extraordinary atmosphere. And this is probably also the breeding ground that makes the city the unofficial cultural capital of Switzerland.

View of Basel across the yellow Rhine

Gateway to Switzerland

Gateway to the world

The largest exhibition center in Switzerland and one of the most important in Europe is just a few floors below our hotel, with the international airport and train stations a short streetcar, train or car ride away. From here, Basel, Switzerland and the world are open to you. But as close as they are: before you head off to Lucerne, Zurich, Bern, the Jura, the German Black Forest, the French Vosges, the Swiss Alps or the famous Rhine Falls, you should soak up a little of Basel's atmosphere.

Swiss flag on a mountain


with local color

Throughout the year, Basel attracts visitors with highlights large and small, from the international art fair "Art Basel" and the "Swiss Indoors", the home tournament of tennis king Roger Federer, to the traditional Basel Carnival, the autumn fair and the dance and drum show "Basel Tattoo" and the atmospheric Basel Christmas in the old town. Everyday life offers culinary delights, a high-quality cultural program and the city's small, fine nightlife. But to really get to know Basel, the best place to go is the Rhine:

To the place where the people of Basel enjoy swimming with their river, where they can enjoy food, drink and company at the cafés, meet up in bathing establishments, rooftop bars, the city's renowned addresses or the many temporary locations of the creative scene.

Basel Minster illuminated at night
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