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Business travel - the icing on the cake for business minds!

In the world of business, you are always striving to achieve maximum profit with minimum effort. This principle is particularly important when planning and implementing business travel. In such situations, the following applies: The further the trip, the more time you will be using for the company, and the more aspects you must take into account at the planning stage. In the run-up, you should consider whether it is possible to combine several appointments. This saves time, money, and last but not least, effort.

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It is also important to book accommodation in plenty of time, as well as your chosen means of transport. Are you taking a company car, travelling by train, or flying? Book a hotel at your destination, ideally close to the meeting point. Think about the number of people who will be travelling with you.

Business travel - pleasant accommodation is important!

Business travellers are often very demanding. They arrive at the hotel tired and stressed, and fall straight into bed. A pleasant atmosphere and a good breakfast allow them to recharge their batteries for the day ahead. This is why it is important to book a hotel that meets all your expectations, as well as offering free Internet access so that you can send updates to your company computer at the end of the day, check your emails, and perhaps consult with colleagues back at the office.

An in-house restaurant is also an advantage, allowing you to arrange business meals, sometimes even at the last minute. At H-Hotels.com, you can find and book the perfect hotel for your next business trip!

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H-Hotels.com has specialised in business travel in Germany. Our comfortably equipped hotels, some of which are also VDR certified, are designed to meet the needs of business travellers. Business corners, WiFi Internet access, good mobile phone coverage, spacious work areas and much more, ensure that your stay is as pleasant as possible during those times you can’t be at home.

In addition, we also offer attractive corporate conditions. We are happy to talk to you individually about whether you prefer to enjoy a percentage discount on the daily rate, or profit from the advantages of a fixed calculable rate. Regardless of which option you choose, you can say goodbye to nasty surprises and high travel costs. You can then make savings directly.


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