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Climate-neutral events

Conferences create greenhouse gases too, through use of electricity, heating, catering, and the arrival and departure of participants.This is why we assign CO2 emissions to each customer. As a hotel with a focus on sustainability, we are aware of our responsibility to the environment, and we balance our emissions by supporting a regionally recognised climate protection project.

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Klimaneutrale Veranstaltung - - Official website

Three powerful sales arguments

- Cost-effective climate protection: The added costs to hold a climate-neutral event are negligible
- Climate protection with no extra effort on your part: We take care of the climate neutrality
- Communication: All event organisers receive a label and a certificate for transparent communication

Use climate-neutral events to strengthen your company’s sustainability strategy, and to raise awareness of climate protection among your employees and participants - all with the minimum of effort on your part. We will bear the associated costs. Further information on the project can be found here.

By selecting one of our conference packages, you will be supporting the regional climate protection project with a contribution of 2 € per person, without any additional cost to you.

You will receive a personal certificate acknowledging that you have balanced your CO2 emissions. On request, and for the small fee of 2 € per person, we can also provide a detailed event breakdown, taking into account relevant factors such as the participants’ method of transport!

We look forward to awarding you with your own personal certificate.

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Five answers: How do climate-neutral events work? 

  • The CO2 emissions of an event are calculated, taking into account travel, catering and accommodation (if applicable)
  • Balancing of CO2 emissions by supporting an internationally recognised climate protection programme
  • A certificate with an individual ID number ensures traceability
  • Anyone interested can check out the climate protection project online and see how much CO2 has been balanced
  • The certificate is printed in A3 size and displayed during your event
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