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Hotelbeoordeling: Hyperion Hotel Berlin 

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Van: anoniem16.01.19

I've had a really frustrating experience communicating with your staff. I booked a room with, we came to the hotel and checked in, 2 people. The staff said that we had breakfast included and provided us with 2 room keys. We stayed only 1 night and in the morning we came to the reception desk together to check out. Once we checked out we went to have a quick breakfast, as we had little time before our train. When I started breakfast a member of the staff came to me telling, that we booked the room only for 1 person and we have to pay extra for the stay of 2nd person. I tried to explain the manager, that if there is some mix up with the booking you should inform us at the check in, not after we checked out and rush for a train. I said that we checked in together and your manager should have noticed that the booking is only for 1 person. Your employees basically accused me of lying telling that I could have checked in alone and then ask for another key. While I didn't have time to argue with them, I agreed to pay, being absolutely sure that I pay for the stay of the 2nd person, but when they gave me the invoice it said: Breakfast, 19EUR. So I paid 19 euro for breakfast I couldn't eat, because we wasted all my time sorting this situation out. In future I will avoid staying in Hyperion hotels at all costs
  • Ontbijt
    20 / 100
  • Hygiëne
    20 / 100
  • Locatie
    20 / 100
  • Prijs/kwaliteit verhouding
    20 / 100
  • Kamer
    20 / 100
  • Service
    20 / 100
Dear guest, First of all we would like to express our sorrow for the described inconveniences which clouded your abidance impressions so much. Please rest assured that we have read your concerns carefully and discussed the case with our management as well as with the colleagues from We can insure that you have booked a double room including breakfast but only for single use which means one person staying. We kindly ask you to check your reservation confirmation again to find out yourself or otherwise double check with the colleagues from who will tell you the same. It is correct that there were two of you standing at the reception desk on the arrival day but to be honest we didn't immediately recognize that both of you were going to share one room although we could or even should have. Believe it or not but it does happen a lot that a few people are arriving at the hotel but only one (the room is booked for) actually remains. We deeply regret that we haven't noticed it during your check in and therefore asked you to pay for the room sharer breakfast only on the second day. Sorry that it caused you so much trouble although we only talked to you for about 5 minutes but don't forget that we are all humans and inattention or mistakes can occur. We reassure that we never meant to accuse you of lying and we hope you can understand our point of view at least a little. Best regards, Your team from the H-Hotels // Linda Prutz - Online Reputation Manager


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