Frequently Asked Questions about HotMiles Business
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Frequently Asked Questions about HotMiles Business


How and where can I register for HotMiles Business? 

Register on the HotMiles Business website under ‘Register now and start collecting points right away’.  

Why should I register for HotMiles Business? 

We reward HotMiles Business participants for their loyalty. Whenever you book meetings and events, you collect valuable HotMiles that you can redeem for free overnight stays at You will be credited 1 HotMile for every Euro spent. Registering at HotMiles Business is free.  

Where can I find the conditions of participation for HotMiles Business? 

You find the current conditions of participation for HotMiles Business here.

Information on HotMiles and HotMiles Business

What is the difference between HotMiles and HotMiles Business?

HotMiles and HotMiles Business are two separate bonus programmes: one for the private and the other for the conference sector. 

  • The HotMiles programme awards you HotMiles for individual stays, which you can redeem for overnight stays at, and offers exclusive and attractive benefits depending on your status (silver, gold, or platinum).
  • As a HotMiles Business participant, you will be credited with HotMiles for booking meetings and events only.

Can I use the same email address to register for HotMiles Business and HotMiles?


Data privacy

Is my data safe with HotMiles Business?

For us, protecting your data is paramount. Your data are safe with us: we will not sell or forward them to third parties outside the HotMiles Business programme. You can find additional details about implementing the HotMiles Business programme and data protection here.

Will my data be resold to third parties?

Your data are safe with us: we will not sell them or forward them to third parties outside the HotMiles Business programme.

My account

Where can I find my HotMiles Business ID?

You can view your HotMiles Business ID online. Log in online to your HotMiles Business account. You find your HotMiles Business ID under the item ‘My ID’. 

Where can I modify my data?

You can modify your data in your profile. Log into your HotMiles Business account and update your data under the menu item ‘My profile’. 
Please keep in mind that you may not change your name or date of birth. Please contact our service centre via email under [email protected] to do either or both.

When will I receive my plastic HotMiles Business card?

We at HotMiles Business do not send plastic cards to protect the environment. By booking through our central conference service, you collect HotMiles automatically by specifying your HotMiles Business ID.

What should I do if I no longer want to participate?

Log into your HotMiles Business account and delete your account under the menu item ‘My profile’. Remember: if you delete your account, your HotMiles will expire immediately and may no longer be redeemed.

How can I register for the HotMiles Business newsletter?

Log into your HotMiles Business account and tick ‘Receive information and offers by email’ under the menu item ‘My profile’.

Can I transfer my HotMiles into another account?

No. HotMiles cannot be transferred into another account. 

What do I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, you can reset it and create a new one. To do so, go to the login area of HotMiles Business and activate ‘Forgot password’. A link will then be sent to the email address you provided, and you can create a new password. 

Where can I view my current HotMiles Business account status?

You find your current HotMiles Business account status in your account. Please note that the account status is not updated every day. It might take some time after an invoice from your last event or stay, and the HotMiles credited.

Collecting HotMiles

For which products and services will I receive HotMiles? 

You can collect HotMiles for all the hotel’s own services during your event and after the invoice is settled. It does not apply to services or products for which a rebate is prohibited by law or overnight stays paid for with HotMiles credits.

When will my HotMiles be credited? 

Your HotMiles will be credited no later than four weeks after the invoice is settled.

How long will my HotMiles be valid? 

Your unredeemed HotMiles will be forfeited on 31 December of the year following that of their acquisition. (Example: You acquire HotMiles in June 2019. They will expire at midnight at the end of 31 December 2020.) 

Can HotMiles be credited retrospectively? 

Unfortunately, HotMiles cannot be credited retrospectively.

Redeeming HotMiles

What can I redeem my HotMiles for? 

You can redeem your HotMiles for free overnight stays in all participating hotels. 

How do I redeem my HotMiles?

In your HotMiles user account, you find the area ‘Redeem my HotMiles’ under the menu item ‘Status’. Here, you can select and book the desired overnight stay, depending on availability.

Can I cancel an overnight stay that was booked with HotMiles?

Whether or not you can cancel an overnight stay that was booked wit HotMiles depends on the booked rate. Some rates can be cancelled, and some cannot. Your redeemed HotMiles will expire if you have reserved a price that cannot be cancelled and not wish to use the overnight stay. The same applies if you fail to cancel a cancellable rate within the indicated time limit.

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